Dear Scammer, “I have taken pains” to add your scam to this site.  I don’t have any family members in Malaysia, alive or dead.  “With interest at today’s value” the “said investment” wouldn’t be growing in value at all.  As a member of a bank – have you not heard about the current world financial crisis?

Of course, this scammer doesn’t work for a bank.  He isn’t worried about any financial crisis – the only finances he’s interested in are yours.  He wants to start taking money from you by charging you fees.  Just ignore him.

Dear Friend,

I work as an international auditor for a reputable Malaysia bank, monitoring five branches including Singapore, Belgium and Netherlands. I have taken pains to find your contact through personal endeavors which I may explain to you upon your response.

A possible family member of yours (name withheld for security reason) died nine months ago leaving behind an investment totaling a very tidy sum with my bank.

With interest at today’s value, the said investment has grown considerably.

His lawyer has since notified my department of the sudden death of the said investor in a car crash and the lawyer has also asked us to check through our records to see who his client may have indicated as next of kin to the investment, since the fianc? (Derby Myrthe) who was indicated in his WILL as beneficiary to most of his properties also died in the same car crash.

Findings and verification as auditor in the bank has led me to realize that the investor has also named his
fianc? as next of kin to the investment. We have as yet not informed anyone of this because of the
implications, the investor’s lawyer will obviously handover his properties including the investment to the
government which will in turn be shared amongst undeserving government officials.

However, because of the relevance of the sameness of your surname and you being a possible relative to the late investor, we are making you this proposal since my boss and I can provide you with much needed information to claim the investment.

You are guaranteed that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, as the funds did not originate from terrorism or drugs, but through inheritance.

Please kindly reply through my private email ( to
confirm your full name and telephone number to enable us discuss and facilitate all due process regarding
this transaction.

Yours truly,
Jovan Azzie.

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