Re: Re: Re: Earn $5,000.

Would you like to guess where this scam comes from?  It claims to be “meant for Canadian and Usa Residents Only” and claims to come from the UK.

It was sent from Beijing in China.

Winchcombe Joinery are a LEGITIMATE company.  This email DID NOT COME FROM THEM.

This email is from a scammer who wants to try and pull the classic payment processor scam.  Ignore him or her otherwise you will find yourself losing thousands of dollars to this scammer who will claim to send you money and then ask you to forward it to an accomplice.  Leaving you out of pocket when the original payment to you is withdrawn as fraudulent.

Winchcombe Design Joinery Ltd
Winchcombe farm,
RG7 6SN,Uk.

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Advert Dept/
Winchcombe Design Ltd

N.B: This Advert is only meant for Canadian and Usa Residents Only.