Firstly I am NOT “Mr David’s” Dear!!!  Secondly you know as well as I do that you aren’t expecting $5million as an inheritance or lottery win from Nigeria or Benin.  The only “Master Degree” this scammer is after is a degree in scamming.  He’s hoping you are daft enough to fall for his scam and start sending him your money – which is what he will ask you to do if you make the mistake or replying.

Attention, My Dear,

The board of Directors of US BANK, Oakland California Branch write this message to notify you a payment credit instruction from the World Bank of Africa and IMF payment verification department to credit your account with your full inheritance/lottery fund come across from Benin /Nigerian reserve account with our bank.

However, be informed that the transfer of your total fund into your bank account will commence immediately we hear from you with your bank account information. Therefore contact MR. STEVEN DAVID in charge of every African transaction because he working with USBank, Oakland California Branch and MR. STEVEN DAVID is an AFRICAN Master Degree from WORLD BANK Authorization/2011. Contact him regarding to your fund of US$5Million Dollars with bellow information;

Contact Person, MR. STEVEN DAVID, Creditor Manager,
US Private Bank Oakland, California 94612, USA
Email Address ::
Office/Phone NO. :: (415) 251-9318
Office/Fax No ::+1(415) 251-9318

Once again, USBANK,California Groups will not hesitate to credit your account within 24hours in accordance with fund release order regulations upon you contact MR. STEVEN DAVID this time. Your immediate response is highly needed to enable USBANK commence for the transfer immediately.

Thanks for banking with us while we looking forward to serving you better.

Yours in Service.
US Bank, Branch Location
344 Thomas L Berkley Way, #117,
Oakland, California 94612, USA
Office/Phone NO.: +1(415) 251-9318

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