This email is being sent by scammers using legitimate email address as the supposed sender.

Notice that you aren’t even told who “Our Organization” is.  That’s because it doesn’t exist.  This is one of those scams where you will be paid more than the scammers claims you are owed.  You will then be asked to forward the balance to a third party, leaving you out of pocket when the original payment is withdrawn.

No legitimate company anywhere, ever sends out random emails when they are looking for staff.

Date : 13 November 2012
Time : 11:52
Administrative transportation manager
Our Organization, offers a broad range of web consulting, project and outsourcing solutions. Our proceedure is not sophisticated: we concentrate on our clients so that we can deliver comfortable and profitable solutions that meet and exceed their needs. By leveraging our access to quality technical resources and proven transportation best practices, we deliver best-in-class transportation solutions customized to our costumer’s environment.
Our organization is currently seeking highly motivated, energetic self-starters to work as a Part-Time Specialist. This management position includes directly supervising activities related to pre-sales support of sales staff to focus on our credibility with prospects and delivery support including project assessment and planning, to receive and proceedcostumer’s needs and orders via our partners FEDEX, UPS, USPS. transportation development, costing, proposal development, partner re-presentations, contract development and negotiation, and initiating the transition to the transportation organization.
Type of Position: Part time salaried (monthly plus % commissions up to $2,400 and more); will report to Transportation Support Services VP
Work Location: home based, distant.
Time|Branch|Distant|Transportation|Transportation operations| Team and Project transportation} Specialistspractice, develop, and hold their services responsible for production, safety and attendance. The Transportation operations Supervisor impacts the company by contributing to the continued growth and profitability of our services by supporting the highest standards for account productivity and safety.
We recognize the needs for individual and corporate responsibility. We are committed to developing the quality of life and enhancing the vitality of the communities in which we operate. We provide support through different Community Outreach Programs, including a Corporate Giving Program and an employee Volunteer Day, where employees are encouraged to volunteer at a non-profit organization of their choice.
!If you think that you are a best fit for our organization do not hesitate to respond to this Email by pressing =reply= I or another assistant will guide you through the application process.