Accommodation Inquiry

Another phishy tale from the hotel world.  If you’ve been following this site, or, you’ll know there is a whole world of phishing reserved for hotel owners. This one is a request for a booking for four couples, who each want to stay for 14 nights.

My cyberfriend Annie has replied and I’ll let you know what the scammer, I mean Franklin Great, wants (Update:  Mr Great has replied – see his reply here). Do you remember Pastor Ray, from an earlier post here? He magically wanted Annie to pay for flights – as in send him money that she (or you) would never see again.  If you run a hotel and receive one of these emails, rest assured they are all scammers and phishers.  They don’t want to stay in your hotel, they don’t even know which hotel you run.  They just want you to send them money.  Delete the email and don’t reply.


I now have a reservation request for 2 set of couples comprising of 2
couples in each set. Arrival date for the first couples is January 10th
and departure date is 24th January,2008 while the second set of couples
will arrive February 7th and departure date is February 21st. Please let
me know if you have any of the dates free for 2 couples,in 2 separate
of any category. I am also limited by the points below of which each point
is an important factor in this arrangement. Please advise on the issues

1. I will need total cost of the accommodation of each set of guests in 2
separate rooms of any category. The cost maybe on self catering or bed and
breakfast depending on what you have available.

2. My only form of payment to you is by credit card transactions. I am
limited to this form of payment because I am away on a trip and do not
have access to my accounts.

3. I will also need payment to be made to a third party on my authority.
This is because there are some other services required by the guests that
I cannot achieve from my current position.

Each of these points mentioned above is very important for me to be able
to achieve this arrangement. Please comment on each.Like I mentioned
above, preferable payment method will be direct by credit card
deductions.Thank you and looking forward to hearing from soon.

Kind Regards,Franklin Great.
+447045780276,+442070221691 Fax