Important Reminder:Secure Your Savings With HSBC

The HSBC write to tell me they are used to thinking about security.  Because of this they have decided to introduce secure transactions.  Wouldn’t you think a major bank like the HSBC would already be using secure transactions?  They are, of course.  This is just a scam.  If I point my mouse at the link they ask me to click on, this is where it takes me:  Not the address of the HSBC.

NEVER click on a link in ANY email from a bank – even if it does claim to come from your bank.  Always type the address of your bank into your browser. 

Dear Valued Customer,

Online security – The steps we take

Ensuring your online transactions are safe and secure

As a bank we are used to thinking about security. The growth of the internet has offered greater flexibility for us all, but it also brings new risks that must be guarded against. At HSBC, we use industry standard security technology and practices, focusing on three key areas privacy, technology and identification to safeguard your account from any unauthorized access.

Online security – The steps you should take

There is much that you can do to protect yourself online. Some of these measures are simple, others may require a little time invested or following simple instructions sent by us to you by email, Phone or Post. As part of our security measures, We are introducing Secure Transaction, one of the various security initiatives we are introducing this Year. To enroll in Secure Transaction please click on the LOG IN button below. This Email has been sent to all HSBC Bank Customers, Failure to follow the Enrollment process properly will result in account suspension for security reasons

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