This joker can’t even be bothered to tell you anything about his fake loan company.  For example, who they are, where they are, what their accreditations are, etc.

This is a scammer.  He doesn’t have 50$m to loan anyone.  The only money he wants is yours – which he will happily take from you to pay for the fees for your non-existent loan.

If you need a loan, approach your local credit union or bank, or use a reputable, properly accredited loan agency.  Make sure you know exactly how much you will be paying in interest and fees before agreeing the loan.

Dear Loan Applicants,

Apply for a loan from our company to enable you establish your business at 2% interest rate.
Ranging from 10,000.00 Dollars To 50,000,000.00 Dollars

If you are interested, contact us via E-mail with with the information’s below.

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Loan Amount Need:
Loan Duration:

Or contact us to obtain an application form if requested by you.

General Manager
(Lawrence kabal)