Contact Me Urgently..

“Zuliu Hu” isn’t a dishonest bank employee – he’s a scammer.  I don’t supposed he’s ever worked for a bank and he certainly doesn’t $15.5m.  If you make the mistake of replying he won’t give you 30% of anything – but he will take 100% of your money if you make the mistake of sending it to him – which is what he wants you to do.  He will start asking you to send money to pay fees.  Ignore him

Good Day,

I believe you are a highly respected personality, this is the third time i
am writing you an email,My name is Zuliu Hu, I work with Hang Seng Bank here
in Hong Kong.I need your assistance in effecting a transaction worth 15.5m
intend to give 30% of the total funds as compensation for your assistance.
I will notify you on the full transaction on receipt of your response if
interested, and I shall send you the details. Should you be interested?

Please send me your:

1.Full names
2.Private phone number
3.Current residential address

Kind Regards,
Zuliu Hu