Are You Alive?

 This scammer thinks he’s so handsome that he’s sent my reader a photo of himself.  Now if he was offering to wine and dine me in the style to which I wish to become accustomed, I might have been interested.  But he’s not.  He’s offering to scam me.

I wonder who that is a photo of?  You don’t suppose the scammer was daft enough to add his own photo, do you? 

If anyone recognises this man, do let me know.  If he’s innocent and not connected with the scam I’d like to be able to say so.

Meanwhile, if you receive this email, just delete it.  It’s a scam and the scammer just wants to take money from you as advance fees.

Attention:I just want to know if you are still alive because one Mr. Sparks Tim, called me today that he is your next of kin that we should TRANSFER the fund to his account that you are dead. If you are still alive do get back to us before we make the transfer. Re-Confirm information: Name, Address, Telephone, Age, and Occupation. Get back to me immediately, Email address (

From: Mr. Kelly Odumu

scam email
scam email