Your email happy notification

This scam wins the prize for the most charming subject line.  This promotion “has won your Email address the sum 500.000. Euros”.  I’d better open a bank account for my email address then.  I’ll speak nicely to it and see if it will let me open a joint account.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the email didn’t say who had awarded my email address this money, or why! 

Who cares, it’s all a scam.  There is no money and you ( or my email address) haven’t won anything.

Just delete the email and don’t reply.

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Attention the winner
Our yearly sweepstakes program has won your Email address the sum 500.000. Euros(Five Hundred Thousand Euros)
Contact your Agent for your Claim with the follow information. Your full names and address, your age, your occupation, telephone
number a, Ref. Number: E0U/010/826/KM07 and Batch Number: QNL/744-ZWM9
Euro union lottery.
Claims Agent
Mr Justin Lewis
Vereda Norte 3 , La Moraleja, Madrid .
Mrs Laura Camen
Vice president