Re: Thanks You

A first – I think.  The first scammer to ask me the name of my nearest airport!  

“Prof” Soludo tells me he is a Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.  They have a spare $10m and have decided to send it to me.  It will come in $100 notes (should that be bills?) and will be “padded with machine”.  Whatever that is.

Why do you suppose Prof Soludo would randomly want to send me such a large amount of cash?  Do I have to ask?  Because he’s a scammer.  He doesn’t want to send anyone cash.  He wants to charge you lots of money for advance fees.

Just delete the email and don’t reply.

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Dear Beneficiary,

As the Governor Central Bank of Nigeria, I have decided to contact you
because of the prevailing report reaching my office about your outstanding
Contract/Inheritance payment.

This is to inform you about my plan to send you payment via cash delivery.
This system will be easier for you and to avoid your payment being diverted.
We intend sending your Contract/Inheritance part payment of US$10
Million Dollars through Diplomatic Courier service.

The cash will be coming in 2 security proof boxes in $100 denominations
which are bundle and sealed with synthetic nylon and padded with machine. This
fund was brought to us from the United States of America; it was meant for
our Local AFEM market. But since the money was not used, the government has
decided it should be used to settle outstanding payment.

The boxes will be accompanied with a Courier Diplomatic agent who will
deliver the boxes to your designated address.

If you accept this arrangement, then go ahead to send the following:

1. Full Name and Address   
2. Phone number                       
3. Name of the Closest Airport       
4. Last four (4) digit of Identification Number (This you will also present to
the Diplomat Upon arrival).                               

5. Age & Occupation                 

The Diplomatic accompanying the shipment for delivery will call you
immediately he arrives at the airport, I will let you know when the boxes will
be airlifted by the special. For security reasons the diplomatic will not be
informed that he is making cash delivery, the contents of the boxes would be
made known as Sensitive Photographic Film Material.

Confirm the receipt of this message and send the requirements to me immediately.
Please I need urgent reply because the boxes are schedule to leave as soon as we
hear from you.

Best Regards,

Prof. Charles C. Soludo
Executive Governor (CBN)
Chairman Board of Directors