This is a scammer, who is hoping you will give them your email address, so that they can log in to your email and send spam to all the people on your email list.

This scammer hasn’t even attempted to disguise their link – which goes to a form they have made on Google docs.  I clicked on the “report abuse” link at the bottom of the form.

Your Mailbox has exceeded its limit and needs to be Upgrade, if
not you will not be able to receive or send new emails. To Upgrade
click the link below.

Thank you
IT Service
This E-mail, including any attachments, may be intended solely for the personal and confidential use of the sender and recipient(s) named above. This message may include advisory, consultative and/or deliberative material and, as such, would be privileged and confidential and not a public document. Any Information in this e-mail identifying a client of the Department of Human Services is confidential. If you have received this e-mail in error, you must not review, transmit, convert to hard copy, copy, use or disseminate this e-mail or any attachments to it and you must delete this message. You are requested to notify the sender by return e-mail.