UK Lotto Recognised Winner of US$4.6M. Free-Ticket Draws.

There is no such thing as the “UK Lottery Organization”.  If there was, why on earth would  UK lottery hold its draw in Bangkok??

There is also no such thing as a free, random email draw.  They are ALL SCAMS.  Ignore this scammer who wants your money.



If you are the correct owner of this EMAIL ADDRESS, then be glad this day as the result of the UK lottery online e-mail address free-ticket winning draws of 19th January 2013, held in Bangkok Thailand has just been released, and we are glad to announce to you that your email email address won you the sweepstakes in the first category and you are entitled to claim the sum of US$4.6Million, Your email address was entered for the online draw on this Free Ticket Numbers: 7 4 22 53 91 66 and won on this Lucky Winning Numbers: 3 6 11 28 31 44 10.

You are to contact Mr. Wikran Nakasiri on his below email address for quick claim of US$4.6Millon via online/electronic bank transfer or by Certified Cheque which will be deliver to your address within 3 working days, when delivered, you can cash it in your bank without any delay.

Contact Mr. Wikran Nakasiri on this Email Address: and send to him the below winnings and personal claims information to ascertain you as the rightful winner and receiver of the US$4.6Million.

1. Your country of origin and country of residence/work,
2. Complete official names,
3. Amount won,
4. Free ticket and lucky numbers,
5. Date of draw,
6. Residence address
7. Telephone,
8. Sex,
9. Age and occupation.

Just in case you are thinking of how you won without entering, then know again that this very draw of 19th January 2013 in which you have emerged as a winner of UK Lottery Organization was a free ticket online email address draws winnings where thousands of email addresses was collected from almost all world wide websites and used for the online draws/sweepstakes and during winners selection your email address came out among the first ten winners which won you the lottery in the first winnings category and entitles you to claim the sum of US$4.6Million without any stress.

From: Mr. Stewart Jerome