EHIC scam

What is an EHIC card?

It stands for European Health Insurance Card.  UK residence can apply for this card if they are travelling to Europe, where, according to the NHS site:

Your EHIC lets you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. It will cover you for treatment that is needed to allow you to continue your stay until your planned return. It also covers you for treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and for routine maternity care, as long as you’re not going abroad to give birth.

You can read all about the EHIC card HERE on the NHS website .

The card is free and you just need to fill in the form on the official EHIC website –

You can also collect a form from your local Post Office and fill it in.

What’s the scam?

There are several websites that offer you the option to pay a fee to obtain your EHIC card by filling in the same form that you can fill in for free on the NHS site.

A quick tour through Google showed several sites working this scam. (In fairness, all these sites include a link to the free NHS site)

(Updated list below, April 2017) charges £34.50 charges £14.95  £35.00 £30.00  £29.99 £23.50 £34.50 £35 £34.50 £34.50



What is an EHIC card? It stands for European Health Insurance Card.  UK residence can apply for this card if they are travelling to Europe, where, according to the NHS site: Your EHIC lets you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. It will cover you for treatment that is needed…

What is an EHIC card? It stands for European Health Insurance Card.  UK residence can apply for this card if they are travelling to Europe, where, according to the NHS site: Your EHIC lets you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. It will cover you for treatment that is needed…

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  1. i manged to realise this was a scam before authorising payment please do not pay for this service it is free on nhs site and easy to do

  2. I fell for the ehic-uk scam and on realising phoned the NHS ehic contact number who processed my application on the phone and renewed my cards beating the scammers to it. They cannot now legally keep my £35 as they haven’t provided a service. Ring 03003301350 and go to the end of all the options to speak to a real person. It is a free phone number so persist until you get through. I spoke to a very helpful “Janet’ who processed my application within 2 minutes. Phew ….

  3. Hi Vineeta, we recently did exactly the same as you on the same website before exiting at the payment third page. We have since received international calls which we haven’t had before using this website.

    I’ve contacted actionfraud and they suggest to register for protective registration through (cost £20) and also to mention to the NI Helpline on 0300 200 3500.

    I hope this helps, this advice gave us some reassurance.

    Best regards.

  4. Hi

    Just fell into the same issue myself – but realised just before I entered the contact details.

    Now they have all of my secure details like full name, date of birth and other things like NI.

    Terrible! Although I’ve not lost money, is there anything they can do with the details?

  5. Yep! I got caught myself, but got to admit it is my own fault.
    On subsequently looking at the site they repeatedly say that this can be done for free directly with the NHS and offer a link, but no clever old me ploughed on regardless.
    Sometimes you’ve got to put your hands up and say ‘my own silly fault’ and try learn from it.

  6. I managed to make the same silly mistake Jim, same website too because it was the top result on Google. I also got in touch with my bank and they’re investigating a refund and setting up a block on all future payments to that company. Funny that their address has also now changed to

    Garden Studios
    71-75 Shelton St
    WC2H 9JQ

    I’ll update as and when for any future visitors to this thread – would be good to hear how you get on too Jim!

  7. are sneaky bastards too – I’d been abroad so totally forgot an EHIC is meant to be free – I put in google “renew EHIC” and this was the top hit – all very official looking – no immediate sign of any cooling off period or cancellation policy, which I thought was contrary to Distance Selling regs, no? Anyway – have registered a case with my bank who will investigate and they can also put a block on that company using my card. No need to change card details, as all they don’t have enough info to commit fraud – and if they try to set up any DD, they have to give additional security anyway, which was not provided to these scammers. Bank very reassuring on that front. Have written to the provider querying their so-called 24 hour assistance, which is clearly a lie – there’s no phone number of course – they gave an address in Manchester –

    Our Address
    83 Ducie Street
    M1 2JQ


    I imagine all the above is as useful as a paper condom.

    So let’s see what the bank can do and let’s see what the ASA will say on Monday about the apparent lack of cooling off period cover…….

  8. ……..speachless that this happened and it’s been going on for at least 5 years….legalised fraud right next to government websites…inept useless self serving uselessness..5YEARS…proballsy off shore mp’s company doing it or the queen…ha ha n i felt something with nhs would be trust worthy…whoops….and u did it too!

  9. I typed in EHIC renewal and was the first site to come up. I couldn’t’ remember if I paid on original application 5 years ago so presumed that it was all legitimate etc. Now I realise I have been scammed. I am currently trying to activate a ChargeBack with my MasterCard issuer and hopefully they can help. I am also going to contact Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority. Will also cancel my card as a precaution. But also it is worrying that they have your personal details. There was an error on one of the children’s D.O.B. I rang EHIC this morning and they said they will amend and reissue the card, but he did not mention that I did not apply for the card through them, and seemed to have all the details. So unfair that these websites are allowed to operate and take money for what should be a free service.

  10. i can’t believe I also fell for this scam.i was sure it was free but because I was renewing I thought that maybe there would be a fee. It was only after I gave all my details and forked out £24.50 that I had second thoughts and then found this website saying it was a scam. I instantly called by bank and the fraud squad but unfortunately it was too late to stop the payment.i cancelled by bank card and asked for a replacement to ensure they could not use my details for any other transactions, however the new health insurance cards did come within four days, I just wonder now if they are legitimate


    Marian, they are accepting orders and i have unfortunately just been conned by the same scan. the website was the first on the google search results and looked official with the NHS link.

    I am more concerned about them having my personal details and national insurance number incase of personal identity fraud. The small print on their website seems to indicate that they can use personal data in some circumstances, which means that they store it and can access it.

  12. Hi Victor,

    I just wanted to thank you for all your support and help in this matter. It took me a while but at the end I got my money back and this is thanks to you and all the support I got from you since the beginning.

    I have checked the web: “” and now they say: “We are currently not accepting new orders. To apply for an EHIC card you can go directly through the NHS web site here. If you are an existing customer please click here to contact us about your existing order” BUT unfortunately I believe this people is still doing the scam through other websites like: “” and this company is Smith & Lawson Ltd. Registered office Equity House, 128-136 High Street, Edgeware, Middlesex, HA8 7TT. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number: 07955272.

    There are few others like which under the same basics are charging people for nothing.

    I would like to wish you the best of luck in finding the people behind this criminal act!!

    Please carry on with your investigation!


  13. Hi folks, not sure if this is a new scammer or an old one with a new but EHIC managed to gouge me for £24.50 today. I’ve contacted my credit card company to try and help but not sure if I’ll have much luck as when I checked my receipt, it was made “”, so it may well be from an overseas company.
    As a precaution, I’ve went and cancelled my credit card as I don’t want my details floating about in the hands of an active scammer.

  14. Hi

    Got my money from my bank after they investigated my case.
    I am very glad.
    Got a letter today after numerous phone calls and a statement I have sent.
    Thank you again for all your support Victor,
    They should be stopped!!!!!!

  15. Hi Victor,

    I reported them to ASA advertising and to google itself, they still exist, maybe won’t show on google as it used to.
    I complained to Trading Standards by Citizen Advise Bureau, they took my details.

    1. Hi Jowita

      There should be some information coming your way shortly. By all means use this information but Please don’t make it public at this time.

  16. What a diabolical disgrace was ever allowed to appear on google search. These set ups were and are no different to some low life criminal coming upto you in the street and robbing you. I think you are possibly saying to much on here and not going to fraud action to report it. It’s therefore possible you will allow these monsters to cover things up. Someone earlier said on here the National Health Service should make it a legal requirement that only those or the parent of the child that the ehic cards are for may apply. This would only require a tick in a box. To do this would stop these low life theives dead in their tracks, end of story. What A Diabolical Disgrace This Has Been Allowed To Go On For So Long……..

  17. Thank you Victor

    I have reported them to the Trading Standards and whoever I could. I will post on Facebook as well.
    I have spent some time talking with my bank, I have sent them a statement describing the whole story.
    I won’t give up as I will not give those people my money.

    1. Have you not been asked by Trading Standards to file a report with Action Fraud yet ?

      I don’t seem to be able to find EHIC_UK.ORG’s misleading web site online at the moment !

  18. Thank you for your correspondence which we received 3 June 2015.
    I understand from your email that you have recently entered your details on to, in error thinking they were the NHS. You have asked for the address that they have given to register with us.
    I have searched their website and it would appear that they are a company known as Vectra Web Solutions Limited.
    Vectra Web Solutions Limited are registered with us under registration number ZA108106. This registration gives 2 addresses, one is where they are registered in Hong Kong, the other is a registered office address. The registered office is an address within the UK for you to contact them at. This address is –
    196 Ballards Road
    RM10 9AB
    You can search their registration on our website –
    I hope this information is helpful. If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact me on my direct number 01625 545733, or alternatively you can contact our helpline on 0303 123 1113. In addition, more information about the Information Commissioner’s Office and the legislation we oversee is available on our website at

    1. Look at this and compare the addresses : Looks like Vectra Web Solutions does not exist, it’s just a name.

      You will find the address in England is in Estuary House, let me repeat Estuary House. The person who gave that address to ICO could not even get the address correct. The coorrect address is Estuary House, 196 Ballards Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM10 9AB. (Not Romdford). Doubt chasing up someone there will be fruitful as you will find it’s another misleading address like the one on their web site 2885 Sanford Ave 30910, Grandville,, MI 49418, USA.

      People even mislead ICO. Did you know, it’s only a legal requirement to register with ICO and just about anyone can do so. All information given is done on TRUST !!!!!!.

      Your money has gone through a complicated web to hide the person behind this. You need to go back to your bank with your evidence from ICO and DEMAND to know where you money has gone.

    2. Don’t forget to ask your bank : is it legal for the so called Vectra Web Solutions Limited to be registered in in Hong Kong at an address that has already been taken/used by : since the year 2012. How can Vectra Web Solutions Limited be registered for the dates 26th March 2015 through to 26th March 2016 with the ICO when it is not even located in Hong Kong as stated to ICO by the person that registered it with them.

      Ask your bank if it’s legal for someone in the United Kingdom to go through all the time and trouble to register a company in Hong Kong giving it an American Mail Address, then having all the money wired back to the United Kingdom by WireCard Babnk AG to another completely different Limited Company here in the United Kingdom.

      If the money has gone through all the correct banking channels the banks assume the company is legitimate. Banks take these businesses at face value. Sometimes it requires them to look a bit deeper and to involve the police before the plot is uncovered.

      The company/people that have taken your money have form for ripping people off !!!!!!!!

      It would be a good idea to let Trading Standards know how you are getting on with all this. They may even be able to update you at this time.

  19. Thank you, Victor, for the information you have supplied. I have also recently fallen for this scam, and am attempting to recoup payment, though without any great hopes of success. Given that EHICuk is clearly a dishonest organisation, what is more worrying is what further dubious use they might make of our personal details. Does anyone know any more about how to guard against this?

  20. Hi
    Thank you again Victor, the problem in my case is the fact the transaction will not show up on my statement.
    I went to bank and they told me I may even wait until 8th June.
    They must done something to stop it from showing ???????
    I know it has left my account as I have on-line banking and I was short 49 pounds after this payment.

  21. Can’t find Total Web Solutions Limited in Grandville, Michigan, USA.

    Found a Total Web Solutions Limited in the United Kingdom and it’s not connected in any way to an internet site selling EHIC or connected to the people involved with the web site in question.

  22. They have changed their name slightly from Vectra Web Solutions Limited to Total Web Solutions Limited. This company does not exist. You need to tell your bank that. As mentioned already, they have changed their google web search name four times in the last three to four weeks. Also they have made a number of amendments to that web site and then made more changes. Something is going on !!!!!!!. The answer to your question is Vectra Web Solutions Limited before they changed their name again does not exist. Go to your bank and tell them this company does not exist for that web site name they gave and tell them you don’t recognize that payment. As you said before you was misled into following instructions to enter the NHS web site so whoever is behind the so called Total Solutions Limited has scammed you. The company/people behind this scam are NOT based in the USA even if their web site gives an American address. Also you must tell the bank you followed instructions by that web site to enter the NHS web site and you therefore believed you were paying the NHS.

  23. By Post:
    Total Web Solutions Limited
    2885 Sanford Ave SW #30910
    Grandville, MI 49418

    I found this

  24. Hi

    I used google to access their link, and guess what?

    They have changed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not any more NHS apply now. Just a picture or EHIC

  25. The web site in question has changed its web search name on google four times in the last three to four weeks. Also noticed some other amendments on their web site.

  26. Hi

    Friday 29th May

    I spoke to Citizen Advise Bureau and the advisor said the internet link to the website comes from Toronto Canada

  27. I have been caught out before by a website similar to this, so I fortunately did not pay for anything. However I did put a lot of personal details in there, such as my National Insurance number. As I didn’t go all the way with the transaction I am hoping my details were not passed on. But to me its worrying that some 3rd part could have my NI number.
    Think I will be making a call to CIFAS in the morning.

  28. We are covered under:
    The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013
    Also the company is now registered in Canada Toronto

    1. That address Smith & Lawson you have is not the same company. What web site did you go on ? Also, what date did you make that purchase ?

    1. From what I have learnt about and other matters regarding the person behind the company in question you should contact : as soon as possible. You can do a Data Registration search with any information you have such as name and/or address on ICO’s web site free of charge. If you can’t get a match with the name and address you have you can then alert them to your concerns. You should do this as a matter of urgency.

  29. Hi again,

    Apparently, the company address is:
    Smith& Lawson
    Equity House
    128-136 High Street
    HA8 7TT
    Reference of registration 07955272

    1. Jowita,’s address is not Smith & Lawson. Check again and write the e-mail address here.

  30. Hi

    Thank you Victor,

    I have already contacted Trading Standards, also Citizen Advice Bureau.

    I have complained to, got a response from by email and surprise, surprise “BBB records show that this company is out of business”.
    I have complained to ASA and to google AdWords Team.

    I will be going to my bank but still can not see this transaction on my bank statement.

    Not sure what else I can do?

    I think new legislation will arrive this year near October to make it possible to challenge unfair terms and conditions.

  31. Hi

    Unfortunately I had fallen for this as well.
    I have seen their apply now and arrow NHS website.
    I was certain it was a genuine NHS.

    1. Jowita, you need to report this matter to Trading Standards As soon as possible. Explain How you followed the web sites misleading instructions. For example, if like many people other people you followed their instructions that directed you to : ” NHS WEB SITE > ” ” APPLY NOW ” making you believe you was really in the official NHS web site. Or, if you experienced a Glitch. Then go to your bank and request a charge back. Make sure you also write out a letter/statement of how you were scammed and take that with you . Don’t accept your bank saying it’s an Assistance Service and there is nothing they can do because banks take these deceitful businesses at face value but the reality is they are very, very cleverly scamming people and the bank will not see that. Also the problem is, the banks find it to expensive to chase up these small charge backs for £49, so if the web site appears legitimate on the surface it’s easier for the banks to ignore it. You really do have to push these people. I have some very disturbing information regarding one of these web sites that I can’t reveal at this point in time. Hopefully I will be able to soon. The first thing you need to do is report what has happened to Trading Standards because they WANT to know. Good Luck.

  32. Hi Victor!. That is great Thanks!

    Suddenly I have received responses to my emails to with the same standard reply:

    “We have already processed your application and your new EHIC card is on its way. The majority of applications are processed within minutes of payment to ensure a prompt service for customers and as such cannot be refunded after this time.

    CANCELLATION RIGHTS: Once you have submitted your application with us online or over the phone, you have agreed that we may instantly begin the processing of your application and provide our services. As a result you will not have any right to cancel under The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. This is because, under Regulation 13(1) (a), you lose your right to cancel if you agree that we can start providing the services within the cancellation period.

    We are sorry this if is not the outcome you expected. We assure you that your request has been investigated fully and as such we cannot conduct any further investigation into this matter.

    Thanks & Regards,”

    1. Hi Marian, I bet that investigation took less than one second. Sent some more information to info for you.

  33. Hi Marian, I agree to you contacting info@keepsafeonthenet and having that information sent to you. Today we have noticed the new web search name for that web site mentioned in our e-mail last night has now been removed. That may be a sign things are happening.

  34. Hi Victor,

    I have sent an email to Rosetrees at and ask to send the information you have found out. Hopefully I will get it from Rosetrees. Thanks very much! I really hope we can stop this fraud! more and more people is being affected.

  35. I too have been fooled. I ordered three one for myself and my husband and for my son.

    Has anyone had any problems with their personal information from this company

    I asked for a cancellation straight away but was emailed today to say Reg 13 like you all

    Will speak to my bank then to see what I can do and report this to the other authorities – talk about money for old rope

  36. Marian & Clare, I now have more information on this matter. I can’t reveal it at this time because it may interfere with another angle to this. Sorry, I know it does not make sense. However, I was wondering if you could e-mail to ask if we can pass information onto each other through them without the need to make it public at this time. If they agree, let me know on this page and then I will e-mail that information onto you via stay safe e-mail.

  37. I am another idiot. Contacted bank (Barclays) to stop payment but too late. Nothing they can do unless the card doesn’t arrive within 15 days of the payment appearing on my statement. I have blocked the card because are fraudsters. What is really depressing is the NHS know all about these scammers and do nothing. Same can be said for Trading Standards and Citizens Advice. Contacted them all and no one can (or will) help or act. Basically these companies are allowed to get away with it. I wouldn’t mind paying £49 to the NHS because they need the funds! Never thought I would fall for such an obvious scam but like most of the others I was in a rush, saw the NHS > Apply and assumed it was legitimate.

  38. Hello Clare and Victor!

    I went to my bank on Saturday and they put me in touch with their Fraud Department. I should get a form from them which I have to complete and return with all the information and details I have.

    Also I got a response from by email and surprise, surprise “BBB records show that this company is out of business”. This company means “Vectra Web Solutions” and remember that “” means the company Vectra Web Solutions (as specifies in their web in their T&C).

    “” does not respond to my emails. There is not contact telephone number. I have not clue how this company can charge for nothing and operates from nowhere!!

    I will keep you post is something else comes up from my side.

  39. Clare & Marian, I have been looking into this for Victor and had some information/feedback from about this company web site listed in the USA. I will reveal this information later once I have got back to Trading Standards.

  40. Thank Marian. RBS Mastercard say there is nothing they can do as set themselves up as a checking agency….I have now received two EHIC cards…one from the NHS and the other via the scammers. Both identical. I am rather concerned about my personal data being used by them, so will ring RBS again. Good luck this weekend. Clare.

  41. Hello Clare!..I will go to my bank this coming weekend. Basically I will bring all the information I have and I will show them the steps I have taken so far:

    * Case opened with the Citizens Advice
    * Email sent to my local MP
    * Complaint made through (
    * Emails sent to this company and tickets opened with them (this organization only allows you to open one ticket per email). I asked them to give me a full refund and remove my personal data from records. They never replied to me
    * I also called ICO: Information Commisioner’s office : 0303 123 1113 but they did not add anything new to what I have already been told

    In my opinion, Victor’s previous posts were very useful to me.

    I will get back here to tell the result of my visit to the bank this weekend. Fingers crossed!

  42. Went to my bank and saw personal banker 5 months ago and told was a assistance service and I cannot get money back. Also told I should read small print. Been reading this web site and done what was said on here. Contacted asa and citizens advice and copy everything. Copy consumer protection from unfair trading regulations 2008-2014. Also wrote letter to show how I was fooled when doing ehicuk.orgs directions to national health website. With all this information went back to bank and now they listen and they contact card services and told I will get money back as they tricked me to follow directions and tell me on there web site they give customer support 24 hour a day when they dont. Lucky I go back because in bank they dont know everything, laws, rules and all that. You need to show them to get some thing to happen. Then they do things to help.

  43. Hello Marian….please let us know how you get on, and if you are successful, maybe more people can follow in your tracks. Mastercard tell me they can do nothing, as the scammers purport to be a checking agency. Remains to be seen if I get a card though. Good luck!

  44. I too was stupid enough to apply for an EHIC card through I have tried ringing the helpline but of course no one answers. Have contacted Mastercard, who tell me to wait till the transaction appears on my account, and they will then help me obtain a refund…’s hoping. Feel a complete fool, and am £49 poorer for nothing. The NHS helpline was very helpful and sympathetic….they keep reporting these scams to the Ombudsman and the Government. New laws need to come into place to put these scammers behind bars. I will write to my MP! Clare

    1. I don’t understand how the NHS has let this drag on for years ! Thousands upon thousands of people have been conned each year by these very cleverly designed web sites that are designed to deliberately mislead people. Within a few minutes of making your payment and receiving your receipt you then realize that you have not been directly dealing with the NHS and in fact have been conned. All the NHS has to do is make it a legal requirement that only those that the EHIC is to be issued can apply. What makes me sick to the stomach is the fact I have given all my families private information over to persons unknown that have mislead me into given it out under the belief I was dealing with the National Health Service. This is really personal, valuable, information that you would not give out to total strangers. The NHS really does need to make it a legal requirement that ONLY the person or parent can apply for the EHIC that it will be issued to. To do this would then make it illegal for these scams to continue unhindered.

  45. I have been a victim of the website Our Family EHIC cards were expiring in June 2015 and I decided to renew them in April 2015. The web site: seemed totally official to me and I thought that after 5 years we had to pay for the cards. 2 weeks later I found out that I was victim of this copycat website. I have been reading the previous posts and I will take actions immediately. I already called the Citizens Advice consumer helpline at 03454 04 05 06. They registered my case and advised to write a letter to this company to get the refund because I am protected by “The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008” I have been looking for this company address but apparently they are located in US. I am a bit lost now but I will contact “The Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards” as advised.

  46. Thanks for that Victor,
    I had thought of those two but wasn’t sure. Now you have said that they are appropriate I will now pursue that and report my experience to them too. The sooner we stop these scam merchants the better.

    1. @ Mariainuk, when the bank gives you a form to fill out regarding I would recommend you attach a separate letter/statement with it explaining in great detail how you was deceived by the website/page in question. The reason I would recommend doing this is because I found there was not enough room on the form my bank provided to explain everything in great detail. It’s important to clearly explain in great detail what went wrong to avoid any confusion because’s website is very, very cleverly designed and you therefore need to CLEARLY show where and how you was misled. It’s also important to mention what you pointed out about also misleading you by pretending they have Support Available 24 A Day which is written on their website. In my letter/statement that I sent to my bank along with the form I told them I had also contacted Trading Standards and The Advertising Standards Authority so they could see I wanted to bring a stop to this misleading web site that is conning thousands of people.

    I fell for this too. In a hurry and didn’t realise till after my payment. I contacted them straight away.
    They’ re charging people £49 to process the card. They do point out in very small print that you can get the card free form the NHS. This obviously covers them BUT they also say you can cancel the processing if you change you mind. What they don’t tell you is that both of the numbers and web site hep line are bogus and unusable This qualifies as misleading in my books. Where is the best place to make an official complaint?. I have contacted my bank but I can do nothing for 15 days to give them a chance to get back to me. b****Y furious !!

    1. @ Mariainuk, you should google and read The Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 that you will find very useful. Also you can report this matter to : The Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards. I have done all this and will be writing to the NHS because thousands upon thousands of people are being misled by this web site in question. What people appear to be doing, myself included is following’s clear instructions that show you ” NHS WEB SITE > ” ” APPLY NOW “. Once you have followed these instructions you believe that you are in the official NHS web site that you would trust and know will not deceive or rip you off. For this reason people don’t read the small print because they know nothing sinister will happen and go on to make a payment. The reality is’s web site has been very, very cleverly designed to mislead even those that are computer literate. As you have also pointed out, another misleading statement on their web site says the following : ” Support Available 24 Hours A Day “. This is also misleading because it is a statement that is actually a lie. I reported all this to my bank and was successful in proving that the web site was misleading and received a refund in full and my case is now closed.

  48. Got well and truly caught! Mad with them and myself for falling for it!! Paid £49 for the EHIC card that’s absolutely free from the NHS including the postage. How do these scammers get away with daylight robbery? I contacted my bank to see if I could stop the payment, but was told it wasn’t possible. I forgot to ask if it was advisable to cancel my card, but on reflection think I’d better. I have tried contacting numerous times without success – dirty rotten scammers of the worst kind!!!!!’mm

  49. had a glitch or technical error/fault on their system so when you click on the NHS link at the top of their website right at the beginning it re-directs you back out without your knowledge. In other words what has happened is once you click on the NHS link you are re-directed back to and have not actually gone anywhere. The rest is history because you basically think that you are still in the NHS link and you assume that the NHS is now charging for the ehic and you make a payment. Within minutes I realized what had gone down and I e-mailed straight away on the e-mail receipt they sent to cancel and request refund. It took them five days to get back to me and they basically quoted regulation 13, no refund. I e-mailed them again and again explaining what had happened demanding an explanation for why it took so long for them to get back to me after I had cancelled and requested refund. Again they e-mailed and quoted regulation 13, no refund. I’m wondering how long this glitch or technical error/fault has been on their system. Should have kept my mouth shut and just gone to Trading Standards without letting them know that I knew about the glitch or technical error/fault that is/was on their system. Anyhow I have taken this matter up with various organizations to hopefully get to the bottom of this and get a refund. Even to this day will not answer one basic question : Why did it take five days for them to get back to me after I cancelled and requested a refund within minutes…. I believe this is because they have something to hide and want to laugh at me hiding behind regulation 13 of the 2000 distant selling rules. Has anyone else experienced this or any other problems with this website ? As a final footnote the website has NHS at the very top and beginning of their page and NHS website in BIG writing slightly lower. This also makes people believe they are in the official NHS website. A bit like following a road sign to Brighton and ending up in Scotland ! If you have clicked on the NHS website link on website and been re-directed back to them without your knowledge please contact the citizens advice or Trading Standard as soon as possible because they want to know.

  50. I am a 78year old pensioner, and I was taken in by the Ist site at the top

    of the uk I stupidly gave card details and have had £49 taken out of my account, even though there was no indication of how much
    i had to pay, then found out on same site card is free,rang the correct site to be told
    this was a third party and nothing could be done, rang my bank told to change my card straight away,
    this company Ist class shysters.

    1. If you went on the EHICUK.ORG Website and saw in large writing ” NHS WEBSITE > ” and followed that > to ” APPLY ” and you believed that you was in the official NHS web site and clicked terms and conditions then made payment believing that you was still in the official NHS web site you can get your money back because you followed instructions given by’s web site that was misleading.

      In other words : If you clicked on ” NHS WEB SITE > ” then followed that > then clicked on ” APPLY ” and you believed that you was in the official NHS web site after following those instructions you done it believing you was actually applying and paying the NHS.

      Today I went to my bank and explained what happened and I have been refunded. If you followed’s instructions to NHS WEB SITE > then clicked APPLY you were knowingly ticking terms and conditions and making payment to the NHS. In other words you was misled and did not intentionally enter into agreement with You do not owe anything and you did not click their terms and conditions because you believed that you was in the official NHS web site.

      Go to your bank tomorrow and they should do the rest. Good luck.

      1. I wrote out a full statement so that there was no confusion and took it to my bank and explained everything in detail. My bank forwarded my statement to the necessary departments so that it could be thoroughly investigated. I was refunded and the case is now closed. Read my other comments on this thread so that you can see how I went about this. If you did, what I did, you was misled through no fault of your own and can get your money back. As a final foot note, all those that in the past or present that have not written out a full statement to avoid any confusion and have not been successful you can still contact The Federal Trade Commission at and you can decide whether to pursue through them because is based in the USA. Alternatively you can try through

  51. Virtually all of these sites carry a disclaimer that they are not an official site and carry links to the genuine site – as such they are not committing any offence. If they do not then tell trading standards.

    Never use the sites highlighted at the top of the google page – these are nearly always paid for adverts.

  52. Just fallen foul of this, I am so angry!!! I have contacted my bank and explained what has happened and as soon as the money has left my account I can call them to dispute the payment and try to claim the money back.

    1. Hi Andy, did you get your money back through the bank ? Just been fooled by this legalized criminality and intend pursuing it.

  53. Oh no I am an embarrassed wolly too! Applied in such a hurry as I only just realised my old card had expired and was due to go away shortly. I didn’t realise I was accessing such a sneaky website!

  54. I too have been caught out by this, however i have recieved both of my EHIC cards for myself and my wife. and we paid through our credit card.
    I wonder if we could claim this amount back from the credit card company. If not its a lesson learnt.

  55. I to fell foul of this scam and ended up paying for a free service, I too doubt that I will receive my card or the money back I requested.

    I thought the site was an NHS site and I did not see the free NHS text as it was covered up by the tab bar in win 8 internet explorer.

    This is a good lesson for me, sites like this should be banned and treated and should come under the fraud act.

  56. I recently fell foul of this company, not least because it includes “nhs” in its URL. Within an hour I realised my error and contacted the company concerned. They agreed to cancel my application and assured me that I would receive a refund within 4-5 days. Despite repeated e-mails to them and their repeated promises of a refund it hasn’t arrived neither has my EHIC. Obviously the amount involved does not make it feasible to pursue them through the Small Claims Court. I have contacted the Office of Fair Trading and the NHS but neither can take any action as this “theft” is perfectly legal. Beware and please spread the word.

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