Canada Lottery Promo

A reader from South Africa sent me this scam.

It was sent as an attachment – becoming more common, presumably in an attempt to avoid email spam filters.  As I said to my reader, this is one mixed up scammer.  It claims to be a Canadian lottery, uses the UK National Lottery logo and claims your prize is in US dollars.  I haven’t reproduced the logo – sorry, too lazy to save it and upload it!

As I always say – no organisation anywhere, ever holds random draws.  This is a scammer.  If you reply you will find yourself being asked for money.


1550 Princess Street Kingston, ON, Canada, K7M 9E3


UK Office No 47 Se1 7na – Balking London United Kingdom

24hrs.Tell; +44 703 174 3813.


Tue,January 05, 2010 Ontario 49 LASTEST

WINNING NUNBERS 3,4,23,36,42,46 Bonus 11

Attn: Winner,

We happily announce to you the draw of Canadian National Lottery the UK/CANADA online Sweepstakes International program held this year 2010.

You have won USD1,000,000.00 (One Million United States Dollars Only) from Canadian lottery draw 2010.Your Email ID  was one of the selected email  all over the world in the lottery draw and it comes out one of the lucky winning number.

For us to process your winning for transfer you are advice to contact our judiciary agent with the details below in London for your payment.


Emails: (and)

Telephone: +44 703 174 3813.

Please forward to him the following details below

1. Name (in Full):

2. Country:

3. Address:

4. Direct Telephone phone

5. Age:

6. Occupation/position:

Congratulations!! Once again.

Yours in service,

Carlton Morgan.