I'm on holiday and I've lost my cash.. passport etc. help me..

This scam was sent to a fellow member of a forum that I belong to.  I’m not certain, but from comments left on the forum it looks as if the message is sent after a hacker has gained access to someone’s email account.  This gives their scam “credibility” as the recipient thinks they know the sender – not realising the message has been sent by a hacker.  So if you get an unexpected and uncharacteristic request for money make sure you triple check its origin.  Contact the person by another means – phone, letter, or whatever.  The chances are it is a scam.

“Hi, Am Sorry for this message because it may get to you as supprise but it’s because of the situation of things right now. I want use this opportunity to explain my problem. I was here in London on Vacation with my family but yesterday thing change because i was mugged at hotel we are staying.

The worse of it is that bags, cash and cards and my cell phone was stolen at during the inccident and it’s such a crazy experience for us. Now, we stranded here without any money with us and we to need fly back home. Although we are so happy that we are physically ok and our passport still save with us.

We have been to police to make report about the inccident but the best help they could render to us is that they took us to the embassy. Now, embassy have arrange a flight for us which was schedule on 15th of February 2010 but we dont want to wait long anymore before we can get back home.

I have been able to raise some money for the ticket but we are still short of little cash to complete the money and i will apreciate if you can be able to help us out with the little cash that we need. I promise that i will pay you back any amount you can loan me as soon as i get back home. I will like you to get back to me as soon as possible

Thanks you,
“Genuine Email Address Owner”