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Surprise.  This scammer has a client who died leaving millions of dollars.  And he’s willing to share it with me – or you – or any of the thousands of people he’s emails.  Except that there is no money.  All this scammer wants to do is get his thieving little hands on your money.  If you make the mistake of replying he will start asking you to send him money.  Ignore him.

Compliment of the season. Please i would want to solicit for your partnership if you wouldn’t mind, I am Mr. Chen from Hong Kong,
a client of mine made a fixed deposit of $ 55M USD in my bank branch, and he died with his family leaving no next of kin,
am ready to share the ratio of 50/50 with you if you decide to stand as my late client beneficiary,
then kindly get back to me for further details.

I would appreciate your kind response if interested in my proposal.