No Subject

I can’t think of much to say about this pathetic scammer.  I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of “Mrs Anna Kennedy” and if you do know someone of that name I’m sure you weren’t expecting a random email telling you to contact a barrister who couldn’t even tell you his address, his chambers, his country or even why he wants to hear from you.

I can tell you why he wants to hear from you.  He’s after your money.  If you make the mistake of replying the scammer will make up a story about how you were left money in a will – and all you have to do is send them money to pay fees.

Ignore this scammer.

I got this message from Mrs. Anna Kennedy as
at last two months, stating that you should
contact her lawyer.

Below are details for you to contact her

Name – Barrister Barney Gabriel Esquire.
Email –

Please don’t be angry for my late email
to you.

Thank you.
Dr. SH