Congratulations!! You've won $1m

I'm sure you don't really need me to tell you that Facebook don't run a random lottery programme.  This scammer even has the cheek to ask you to send them $850 for fees.
Apparently, if I don't send it my claim will "AUTOMATICALLY BE FORTIFIED".  The scammer doesn't tell me what it will be "fortified" with.  Another $1m perhaps???
Just ignore this scammer.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have emerged as one of the lucky winners in this year's Facebook lottery programme for a total sum of $1,000,000.00USD (One Million United States Dollars). This programme was organsied to say a big thank you to millions of chosen lucky winner/subcribers for staying active and keeping facebook alive. Your winning FILE NUMBER is: N088299110029FB. You are hereby required to contact the private claims officer in charge of your winning file through the below email address with the below required details so he could file your claims immediately. Required Details:- Your Winning File Number: (shown above) Your Full Names: Country of Residence: Mobile Number: Prefered Funds Handling Option: Bank Wire Transfer or Certified Check? Contact Person: Patrick Alonso (financial consultant) Email: PLEASE NOTE: KINDLY BEAR IN MIND THAT A SWEEPSTAKES POLICY RELATED/MANDATORY FEE OF $850.00USD ONLY MUST BE PAID BY YOU TO FINALISE THE HANDLING OF YOUR $1,000,000.00USD TO YOU. ALL OTHER NECESSARY TAX HAS BEEN CLEARED BY THE FACEBOOK TEAM. DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TO PAY THE ABOVE MENTIONED TAX AMOUNT WHICH WOULD AS WELL BE TERMED AS UNCLAIMED WINNINGS. HOWEVER, ANY WINNINGS WHICH IS NOT CLAIMED WITHIN 14 DAYS FROM NOW WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE FORTIFIED. WARNING: IT IS HIGHLY FORBIDDEN TO DISCLOSE ANY PART OF THIS NOTIFICATION TO ANY BODY UNTILL YOUR CLAIMS HAS BEEN FINALISED AND FUNDS HANDED OVER TO YOU. THIS ACT IS TO COMBAT UNAUTHORISED CLAIMS OF ANY KIND WHICH THE FACEBOOK TEAM WOULD NEVER BE RESPONSIBLE FOR. Congratulations Once Again! The Facebook Team !