This scammer needs a brain scan, not cancer treatment.  A scan to see if his brain is actually there!  He tells me he has the “little sum” of $37m which is, apparently, “the only money” he has with the bank.  Oh dear  – I’d hate to take money from anyone that is reduced to their last 37 million dollars.

This scammer, of course, has no such scruples and will happily take any money you are prepared to send him.  The more you send him to pay his “fees”, the more he will ask you for.  Ignore him.

My Dear friend,

I ask for your forgiveness and apology.I am aware that this is certainly a conventional approach in starting a relationship with an Unknown-person, i want you to please consider it as a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility i know as time goes on you will understand my reasons for this action.

I have been in the sick bed at Queen Elizabeth Hospital London suffering from Lukimiar for the past Three (3) yrs and half. Now I know that my time has come for me to join my heavenly Father, I email you as the spirit of almighty God directed me to contact you for this purpose.

I have a little sum of $37,000,000.00USD (Thirty-Seven Million US Dollars) the only money i have with my bank, I want you to help me use half of this money as a contribution to support churches, orphanage homes, charity organization, etc… and use the other half of the money for you and your family members for helping me to actualize my last wishes on earth i hope you will find this offer acceptable in your heart and do this for me.

Please email me back if you know you can honestly do this for me.

Remain bless in the Lord.
Hr. Pol Hubbert.