Courtesy Reminder for Search Engine Submission of

I recently registered two new domain names.  Withing 24 hours I was being flooded by emails asking me to pay for “search engine submission”.  Many years ago, when the internet was new, you did have to notify the search engines that you had a new website.  Note that having a website, ie content, on your domain is not the same as just owning a domain name.  Google, and all other search engines, are interested in content.  They are not interested in a domain name that has no content.

Time has moved on and the internet has developed, along with search engines.  Google, Bing, yahoo and all other major search engines will find your new website within days. Google bot (and all the other bots) are constantly trawling the net for websites)

This is a scammer, wanting to take your money for doing absolutely nothing.  I have wickedly replied to several of these emails, asking for more information about their services.  Strangely, non have replied.  All use hotmail, or gmail or other generic email addresses.

Don’t be tricked into paying for this totally non existent service.

Our records show that the domain is not yet registered with major search engines. Failing to register a domain with search engines means lost opportunities and poor brand visibility. Submitting your domain to all major search engines ensures that customers can easily reach you and enhances conversion rates.

Our affordable search engine submission packages have been tailored to provide the best value for money and ensure better visibility on search engines. A link to our competitively priced packages is provided below for your convenience. Acting timely would ensure that your domain is registered with search engines as this reminder automatically expires on 26 – July – 2017.