We await your immediate response,

This bit of nonsense is just wrong on so many levels.  Obviously the UK Treasure is going to use a mobile number for its enquiry line – or maybe not.
My online alter ego is intrigued to know where she should send payment as this scammer has said they don’t use Western Union or Moneygram, but want the money paid directly to the Treasury bank account.
I’ll update this with the scammer’s reply.
Meanwhile, don’t do as I have, just ignore this bit of nonsense.  The scammer is just after your money.
HM Treasury
The Correspondence and Enquiry Unit
1 Horse Guards Road 
Email  info@hm-treasury-gsi-gov.co.uk
General enquiries  0044-745 218 675
 Attn; Sir;
Are you aware that your fund  has accumulated interest of over $1 5 million because the fund has remain unclaimed with  HM TREASURY UK.
Without you the beneficiary paying for the release/ transfer permit, your fund can not be transferred to your nominated bank account.
Note that Chancellor of the Exchequer The Rt Hon Philip Hammond had instruct us that if you do not pay for the transfer permit on or before the end of the month, We are going to obtain the court order to declare the fund unclaimed fund and will be sent to British government account (Coffers).
Please be informed that we don’t accept fees paid through western union money gram or any other electronic means.Fees are being paid directly into the HM treasury account,bank to bank wire for the sake of transparency.
Once the fee is paid and confirmed,the Chancellor of Exchequer will sign your fund release/transfer permit and within five working days,your fund must be transferred into your nominated account.
Also be informed that without this payment,nobody,no bank or any other financial institution can transfer this fund to you.
But if you have decided not to further or conclude this transaction,it is a welcomed development.You will assist us to legally end the transaction.
We await your immediate response,
Jane Ellison
Financial Secretary to the Treasury

I have a reply from the scammer.  Most scammers ask for a few hundred pounds, but this one is much bolder – asking for nearly £10k.  Hopefully most of his potential victims won’t have that kind of money and so won’t be able to fall for his scam.  I certainly don’t have that kind of money sitting around waiting to transfer to someone.

I have contacted the Nationwide bank who took my call seriously and are going to look into the account in question and possibly freeze it.  Full marks to Nationwide.  I have previously contacted the Police and Action Fraud about scams when I have had contact details.  Neither have been remotely interested.  A few months ago an Ebay account was set up by someone who hacked into my GMail account.  I realised when I received an order confirmation email.  Ebay closed the account.  The email had a delivery address for the items ordered – the Police weren’t remotely interested despite having been given an easy arrest.

Here is the scammer’s reply:

We have received your response and we are going forward one of HM treasury receiving account to enable you make the payment.We do not accept cash payment,we do not accept payment by check,we do not accept payment through western union,money gram or any other electronic means.We only accept and receives fees through swift wire transfer bank to bank,for the sake transparency.

The required fee remains the same,£9,890gbp.Once the payment is confirmed,HM treasury will issue a confirm able receipt covering the amount of you paid to HM treasury.The Chancellor of Exchequer will sign your fund release/transfer permit and within five bank working days,your fund will nit your nominated account.

Below is one of the receiving account details of HM Treasury;

ACCOUNT NO:24125776
SORT CODE:070436


Once the fee is paid,forward the bank transfer slip for confirmation and immediate signing of your fund release/transfer permit.

Jane Ellison.


It’s not only me that doesn’t have a spare £10k, apparently Annie, my online alter ego, doesn’t either. She told the scammer that. So very benevolently they have offered to halve the fee. Annie has replied that she could manage £50. Let’s see what they say. Here is the kind offer to halve the fee:

We will get your response to the fee.

The board said that you are waving for you 4,890 GBP and you raise the balance of £ 5,000 when your total amount is transferred to your bank account, you will send the balance.

What they need from you is your complete home address or office and also your next from Kin.

Please inform us if you send the 5,000 GBP to the account sent to you.
Jane Ellison