Dear Beneficiary Of The G-20 / British Government Reward

What a load of absolute rubbish.  This scammer wants to convince me that the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, decided to send me $360k following the G20 meeting in April.  And where does the scammer claim to be writing from?  No 10 Downing Street?  No.  The Prime Minister’s private office? No.  The Home Office?  No.  Any UK Government body?  No.  He claims he’s from Western Union!!!!  Even more strangely, he writes to me from the Universidad Tecnológica de Jalisco in Mexico.

Get back to your studies you lazy toad!

This is a scammer – ignore him.  He isn’t going to send you anything – he wants to take money from you by charging you fees.  Ignore him.

Dear Beneficiary,

My associate has helped me to send your first payment of US$7,500 to you
as instructed by Mr.James Gordon Brown  the British prime minister after
the last G20 meeting that was held on  April 2nd in London, making you one
of the beneficiaries. Here is the information below:

Here are the details of the $ USD 7500.00 your first payment
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): 5229059427
You can track the payment via your mobile and follow the western union
voice prompt  : +448007314814

Complete payment informations like MTCN (Money Transfer Control
Number),Text questions and Answer will be disclosed to you as soon as we
receive identification from you. I told him to keep sending you US$7,500
twice a week until the FULL payment of (US $360,000.00 Dollars) is
completed within 6 (six) Months.

For track, send your Full Names via Email to:

Mr. Gary Moore
+44 70359 50326.