How are you and your family? I hope all is well.

A reader forwarded me this scam. “Frank Brain” writes with the usual story.  He’s rich, he’s dying, he has lots of wicked relatives who will mistreat his daughter, etc, etc, etc.  What a ridiculous title for an email in which he is, allegedly, offering you all his worldly goods, including his daughter.

Mr Brain isn’t dying and he isn’t rich.  He wants to get rich by taking money from you.  If you make the mistake of replying he will start demanding money from you for fees.  Ignore him.


I write you this mail with utmost sincerity and truth, hoping you will be of
great help to me. I am Frank Brain, a 61yrs old man living with Cancer. My
condition at home is so bad that my doctor has confirmed that I don’t
have time
left. I have a daughter, who is just in high school, with nobody to
care of her
when I am gone. I will have to get someone to manage my funds and act in my
place till my daughter comes of good age and maturity.

You will be given all the rights to claim the benefits and secure for my
Jessica. I wouldn’t want my lazy cousin whom might be with my child to
be aware
of such plan till she grows because they will want to rip me off and treat her
bad .As a proven and a tested personality in your field, I will want
to appoint
you as a MANAGER/GUARDIAN and give you the authority to act on my
behalf, until
she reaches the speculated age of handling things by herself. Meanwhile, I do
not want her to be too hasty about going into any other thing than
attending her
lectures in school.

I will send you details when you write back.

Yours truly,

Frank Brain