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Thursday, March 19, 2009 10:53 AM
“Miss Jannifer Cole”
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Dear Friend,

How are you today, before I start with my proposal, I will like to introduce myself, my name is Miss Jennifer Cole, I am from Wales in the United Kingdom, but I live and work here in London, I work with a security and deposit company here where important personnel keep their valuables money for a self keeping, and the name of the security company is WORLDWIDE TRUST SECURITY AND DEPOSIT COMPANY, LONDON. Which am the operation manager of the security company.

I want to ask for your consent to execute a business deal in this company where I work, the business is that I want to present you to this company as the next of kin to one of our late client who died with his family in a plane crash some years back, and this man came from Dubai, but lived here in London before the incident, this man deposited a consignment with our company as family belongings containing huge amount of money.

I want to present you as his next of kin, so that the consignment can be released and delivered to you in Dubai where you will claim it from the Diplomat who will bring it.

From the time of the incident that claim the late man’s life and his family till now, no member of his relatives have shown up to claim this consignment deposited with our security company, this is why I want to present you as his next of kin,Name will not be a problem, because I will get some documents which will authenticate you as his next of kin.

I want to hear from you urgently as to know if we can continue so that I will tell you what next to do so that we can start the claim and also talk about our percentage.

You can reply me through this email address:
I wait your reply

Miss Jennifer Cole
Oh, how sweet! And doesn’t “Miss Jennifer Cole” think she can lie to you and rob you of your money? Be safe and delete this heap of trash.