Tuesday, March 17, 2009 5:01 AM
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Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Robert Wood the regional AUDITOR of Bank Of Scotland Limited, I am
married with three lovely kids. It is my duty as the regional AUDITOR to send in
financial report to my head office in the capital city at the end of each
business year. On the course of the last year 2007 business report, I
discovered the sum of Twenty six million eight hundred and fifty thousand pounds
sterlings 26,850,000.00. The fund is of clean origin.

The owner of this account is a foreigner, a program leader, Until his death.
The Late Prime Minister, Mr. Rafik Hariri. I will provide all necessary
information needed in order to claim this money. For the fact you will not let
me down now and in future. ok! Mr. Rafik Bahaa Edine Hariri (November 1,1944 –
February 14, 2005), was a Lebanese self-made billionaire and business tycoon,
and was five times Prime Minister of Lebanon (1992-1998 and 2000-2004) before
his last resignation from office on October 20,2004.

The late Rafik Hariri died on February 14, 2005 when explosives equivalent to
around 300 kg of C4 were detonated as his motorcade drove past the Saint George
Hotel in the Lebanese capital. Our head office is not aware of Funds and will
never be aware of it.
I have placed this funds on what we call “ESCROW” account with no
beneficiary and as an officer of this bank I cannot be directly connected to
this money, that is why I have contacted you. If you accept to work with me I
will appreciate it very much as you are the first and the only person I am
contacting for this particular transaction.

We will start the first transfer with sixteen million pounds, upon successful
transfer without any disappointment from your side, we shall re-apply for the
payment of the remaining amount to your account.

At this juncture I wish to tell you what prompted me to package this deal. I
have a 9-year old daughter who has leukemia, disease of the blood, and she needs
a bone marrow transplant or she will die. I want this transplanting to be done
in any good children hospital in your country if there is one. Once this fund
is transferred into your account, I shall resign from my job and bring my family
to start a new life in your country.

On smooth conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to 40% of the
total sum as gratification, while 60% will be for me. Please, you have been
advised to keep “top secret” as I am still in service and intend to
retire from service after we conclude this deal very soon.

Your earliest response to this email will be appreciated. All other necessary
vital information will be sent to you vie e-mail when I hear from you.

My Regards,

Mr. Robert Wood
I don’t care if you’re Barak Obama, pal! Take your spam and scram!