Dear Winner!

Yeah, right.  Obviously a Canadian lottery is going to randomly email and use a Brazilian email and a “fun, free email address” from Freeola  (direct quote from their website) for you to reply to.

No organise anywhere ever holds random email draws.  You cannot win a lottery or prize draw that you have not entered.

This is just a scammer who is hoping to take your hard earned money to pay his fake “fees”.  Ignore him (or her).

Lotto 6/49
70 Foster Drive,
Suite 800 Sault Ste.
Marie, Ontario
P6A 6V2 Canada
Your email ID has won $800,000.00 CAD {Eight Hundred Thousand Canadian Dollar} in the Ontario 49 Draws lottery promotions held in Canada, Ontario Toronto to be precise.
Five (5) email addresses were selected from over One Million email addresses and your email address is among the five winning email addresses in the winning pot, which was attached to Reference Number: 075 that ultimately has won you the lump sum mentioned above.
Draws Date Sat, October 14, 2017 – Lotto 6/49 draws, with winning number: 6, 22, 28, 29, 32, 34 and Bonus number: 43
Your fiduciary agent would process the release of your cash prize through our payee bank by means of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) into your nominated bank account. Be informed that funds cannot be deducted because of the insurance policy place on it until the mentioned cash prize reaches the sole winner/beneficiary’s nominated bank account for security reason(s).
This promo is approved by the Canadian Gaming Board and also licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). To process the release of the above-mentioned cash prize, contact the fiduciary agent through the two email details below:
WELSHHOME FIDUCIARY 20 Dundas St W, Toronto,
ON M5G 2C2, Canada
Name: Kevin Rothmans (Mr)
Tel No: +1 705 242 3303
Fax No: +1 705 242 3303
You are advised to send your “Reference Number” to your broker agent Mr. Kevin Rothmans with the above-mentioned details to facilitate the release of your cash prize. Keep your claim information confidential to avoid double claim which could lead to cancellation of your cash prize.
Yours in service,
Mark Boyce.