Please Read

Look at how my “dear friend” signs her email – “your in vineyard”.  I suspect she might have been more than a little tipsy on the produce from this vineyard when she wrote.

She also sent this to “undisclosed recipients” which makes me think I might not be that much of a “Dear Friend”.  That or she has $10.6m dollars to give to everyone that she has written to.  I think that’s unlikely, don’t you?

“Mrs Linda Hardy” isn’t confined to a wheelchair dying of cancer.  He or she is skulking behind a computer somewhere hoping you will be daft enough to fall for her scam.  If you are this scammer will start asking you to send them money.  Just delete this bit of nonsense.

My Dear Friend,

I don’t really know who you are, but I hope that peace is with you as you read this letter. My intuition tells me that I can trust you with my proposition. I received your contact through my email directory and my inner voice suggested that I send this money to you. I am a widow and a devoted Christian. My name is Mrs. Linda Hardy, and I am from the city of Joplin Mo. Since my husband died, I have been suffering from arthritis. Just this summer, my doctor has diagnosed me with terminal cancer. I have approximately twelve months to live. I am currently confined to a wheelchair, and am being cared for by a nurse.

Before my husband died, he left me a large sum of money, to the tune of $10.6m Dollars. He made me promise that it should be used for humanitarian work. We have no children you see, and my husband didn’t want his brother to inherit it. This money is currently being held by the bank, awaiting the proper recipient. It is up to me to decide who will gain access to it. If you promise me that you will use this money to achieve the wish of my Husband and I, then I will instruct the bank to release the contents of the vault in your name.

If you agree to use the money for humanitarian purposes, I will need the following information from you:

Your full name, contact address, occupation, age, and phone number.

God bless you as you walk in the light and glory. Please kindly send your reply to my

private email address:( )

Yours in Vineyard,
Mrs. Linda Hardy.