Delivery Problem NR2530997. UPS INVOICE NR1536853.

According to the scammers, I have had a run of bad luck with UPS, with two parcels being undelivered.  One was sent by “Margot Haines” and the other by “Burl Matcham”.  Both included a graphic with their scam text – presumably to my spam filter wouldn’t read it and then both included this highly informative line of text:

“Cars burned during racist attacks Soldiers in Afghan race against time Summary Box: Fannie, Freddie to delist from NYSE Mother of abandoned baby was victimized as a teen”

Obviously you’d expect that to be included in a serious message from UPS – not!  (Sarcasm there, folks)

DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT.  It contains a trojan or worm that will infect your computer.

Here is that graphic: