FW: Processing Form Attached.

This scammer clearly had too much time on their hands and decided to write a novel.  If you’ve read through it, you’ve done better than me.  I couldn’t be bothered to read it – or it’s attachment, which I’ve reproduced below.

Whatever story this scammer has come up with is all just a load of garbage.  All this scammer wants to do is take money from you by charging you fees.  Ignore him or her.

From: staatclaims02@aim.com [mailto:staatclaims02@aim.com]
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 11:15 AM
To: sales@compufinupt.co.za
Subject: Processing Form Attached

Lotto nl International B.V
Laan van Hoornwijck 55, 2289 DG Rijswijk-
Den Haag-Netherlands.

De Lotto (stichting de Nationale Sporttotalisator)
Tel: +31- 647 269 378.
Fax: +31- 847 549 511.

Attn Winner: Adrian Wahl,

Sequel to our email, over millions of people daily surf the internet on regular basis for one reason or the other these Internet users pays access fee to various Internet Service Providers (ISP) in turns remit fund to numerous World Wide Internet Technology Companies (WWITC) for the development of Global Information Technology (GIT) all over the world.

Alliance Members World Wide Internet Technology Companies conducted a research on these issues and embarked on a worldwide lottery promotion to compensate Internet users. A sophisticated automated database randomly select E-mail accounts that frequently surf the Internet, consequent upon this, your e-mail address emerged a winner in category ‘B’

You will be required to contact the paying bank immediately after the legalization. Winning email file is already with the bank and they advised that there is need for legalization of your winning certificate hence we await your complete details for data confirmation.

Best Regards,

Dr. Mike Mejia.

Foreign Transfer Manager-Operation.

About this e-mailing & The Online program.

Congratulations from our members of staff of Alliance International Net Award Promotions the major sponsor. We are responsible for the processing of winning prizes in the e-mail lottery program.

Your e-mail address attached to a single ticket was found as one of the lucky fifty email addresses that emerged to have won €500.000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Euro only) in Certified Bank Draft, each.

The information was passed to us by the Lottery Co-ordinator– Sweepstakes International office, to ensure that we are in contact with the rightful owners of the winning e-mails and web-site addresses. We write to explain and clarify the mode and chronology of the services we render to our clients of lottery claim related issues.

Firstly, our ultimate concern is that our clients get their winning prizes as quickly as it is possible. Once again, You are required to provide the following information/details:

· Your Name in Full:

· Your Address:

· Your City / Nationality:

· Your Mobile or house Tel number:

· Your Occupation:

· Your Age and Gender:

· Winning Reference & Batch Nr [Check below for further details on that]

Your e-mail address attached to our Lottery payment order, had the following details in our Data Base: Ticket Nr: 18457SP; (ii) Lucky Nr: SPX56789; (iii) Reference Nr: 5687SPL876; (iv) Batch Nr: SPYU6868.

And return back to this office by fax or as e-mail attachment with a copy of your valid proof of Identification (which should be, either a National Identity Card or your International Passport) for verification.

After been confirmed as the bona fide winner, a “Release Order” will be issued and you will be invited to sign this document after which a “Beneficiary Award Certificate” will be presented to you. You will also be required to complete a “Payment Scheme Form B6” where you will have to indicate your preferred mode of payment.

Your winning prize being deposited at the Treasury department of our Paying bank and, will therefore be eventually paid/remitted in your preferred mode of payment, within 3 working days.

Due to mix-up of certain numbers and names, you are requested to keep your winning information confidential until your claim has been processed and winning prize paid/remitted to your nominated account. This is part of our security protocols to avoid abuse of the program by some participants.

Due to the volume of your winning prize, it is covered by HIGH INSURANCE BOND POLICY , in accordance with Article 342 of the World Gaming Board as amended in the 1996 Constitution. This is to protect the prime winner and mis-appropriation of funds.

Be assured that, in line with our principles of efficiency, transparency and customers’ satisfaction, we handle all verification exercises with the highest level of professionalism and discretion to ensure that our clients receive their prizes within the shortest time, possible.

For more information, please contact the under-signed directly with the telephone no below. We are open between 0800hrs -1800hrs GMT from Mondays through Fridays and on Saturdays from 0700hrs -1200hrs GMT. Once again, Congratulations.

The Sponsors: Alliance International Net Award, Microsoft Inc & Lotto nl B.V In Association with Elgordo de la Primitiva Lottery-Spain.

Note: We are not allowed to deal with third party for security reasons, and you are advised to keep your winning Information confidential until your prize money is transferred to your designated bank account of your choice, This is a precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements, please be warned.