Dr. J. L. Van Genderen [Ph.D]?

A regular contributor forwarded me this little gem.  Does the scammer really you will believe that someone, anyone, even the largest company would over pay an invoice to the tune of $23.3m without noticing!!!

“Dr Van” isn’t the holder of a PhD in anything – he’s a scammer who wants to steal your money by charging you fees.

Delete the email and don’t reply.


How are you today? I am Dr. John Van. And there is an issue that came up which I would like to discuss with you. There is an over invoice payment made to my company, which involves some amount of money, so I have decided to involve a trust worthy second party who I can entrust this money on when I have been able to pull it out from London to a designated account. I decided to put it before you so you can assist with this situation. I also found out that if the government finds out, the money will be confiscated and transfered into banking treasury. So all I require from you is to lay claims on the funds as all necessary document will be provided to ensure that you collect the funds and move it to your account where I will come for final disbursement.

You will be given 30% of the total funds when I see that there is a success in this deal. The amount involved is Twenty three million, three hundred thousand United States Dollars  ($23.3million USD). I will provide you with the necessary information as soon as I hear from you.

Please note that all necessary arrangement for the smooth release of these funds to you has been finalised. We will discuss much in details when I do receive your response that shows you are interested in this transaction.

NOTE: If you know you are not trust worthy, please do not reply this E-mail.

Dr. John Van.
33 Tot hill Street,
London, SW1H 9LA
Tel: +44 702 407 2585
E-mail: dr.johnvan3131@w.cn