eBay Sellers (part time work) big sallary

This is an advert that appeared on a site advertising freelance jobs.  A contact of mine nearly got taken in by it, but realised in time that he was about to become the victim of a scam and didn’t complete the transaction.

He was asked to list an expensive camera on Ebay.  The item was sold and he was asked to receive the money from the unsuspecting buyer, keep 30% for himself and forward the rest.  This was when alarm bells started to ring for him.  He wanted to be sure that the goods were received by the buyer before forwarding the balance of the money.

The scammer gave him a link to a website.  The website belongs to a genuine company, so I won’t list it here.  The scammer used the name of the company’s director but, and this one of the crucial points, was using a livemail email address NOT the real company email address.  My contact telephoned the company who knew about the scammer.

Think about it before you fall for a scam like this.  Why would ANY company anywhere ask for people from anywhere in the world to list goods on Ebay for a large percentage?  They wouldn’t, would they.  If that had that much money to give away and that many goods to list, they would employ someone to use it and use their own Ebay account.

Don’t get taken in by this scammer.  You will lose your Ebay account and, worse still, a large amount of money when the angry buyer reverses the transaction through Paypal for non receipt of the goods.

My contact had completed the first auction.  Wisely, he has refunded the buyer before falling for the request to forward money to the scammer.

We are a Company from United Kingdom , we want to hire eBay Seller’s who have good feedbacks and experience in sales on Ebay from all over the world to help us empty our stock .We need eBay Sellers who can sell without limits on eBay and have PayPal Accounts also 

We will show you in case you will become our partner our VAT Certificate and our Incorporation documents so you will be sure that we are serious and genuine .

Other terms regarding our partnership will be discussed in private .

You can win minimum $1000 per week and maximum $3000 , we can offer refereances from other eBay Sellers who work with us or worked in the past