New Company concerning itself with the advertising

As I’ve said many times before on here, no company anywhere needs people to handle “receivables” from sales.  Also no reputable company sends out random emails asking for people to work for it and receive payments without knowing anything about you.

This scam works like this:

You are sent money, told to keep a percentage as your fee and asked to forward the rest to the “company” (ie, the scammer).  The original payment is then removed from your account when your bank realise that it was fraudulent, leaving you out of pocket with no way of getting your money from the scammers.

The domain was registered yesterday (17 June 2012).

Countries of interest: UK, Rep. of Ireland, Germany, Austria, Sweden

A company concerning itself with the advertising, spearheading, and production of web media projects,
we also are involved with today’s green technology, recyclable items,
and alternate methods of power and are actively seeking a motivated representative from one of the countries mentioned.


– You need to be the proprietor of a company or willing to start a fresh company fairly fast.
– It is required that you are a citizen of a listed country.
– It is also necessary to hold a completion certificate from a reputable school of higher education.
– Your English accuracy must be pretty good as communicating back and forth for this position is important.
– A long period of good standing with a nearby or international financial entity is a definite bonus.
– Work amount will consist of 3-4 hours every day for the first two months of working and after that period of time, 2-3 hours every day.
– Contract of work between us will be one year, with a good chance of this period extending on as long as 2 years.

Your main job will detail handling receivables from sales.

Amount of pay you will receive is a percentage of the amount of product we sell.

Our contacts: