Elite Fleet Courier Company

Yet another post that I need to clarify.  This website IS ABOUT SCAMS.  ALL  of the posts on here are about SCAMS.  I don’t think I can make it clearer than that.

This was left as a comment.  At first I thought it was left by a scammer – but I’m not sure as it contained the customer’s name (which I’ve replaced with ****).

It’s a scam.  You aren’t expecting a parcel from the “Elite Fleet” company – neither am I.  Courier companies don’t charge the recipient, they charge the sender.  UK companies don’t ask for payment by Western Union either.  If you make the mistake of replying to this scammer you will find yourself being asked for money.

Elite Fleet Courier Company LTD, Registered in London No 829527. Registered Office: Hogoor Dreff W1s , United Kingdom Date: 04-08-2009 Dear Customer (*********), Welcome to Elite Fleet Courier Company LTD. This is to confirm the receipt of your email in our office earlier. You are advice to make the require payment (Delivery Fee) via Western Union Money Transfer to our Account Officer (Mrs. Rita Anderson), whose details are stated below. MODE OF PAYMENT: Western Union Money Transfer NAME OF RECEIVER: Mrs. Rita Anderson ADDRESS: 1 Churchill Place,London, E14 5HP. Once you have made the payment via Western Union Money Transfer kindly forward to this office the scanned copy of the payment receipt via email without any further delay, this will enable this office confirm your payment immediately. As soon as the payment is made and confirmed, we shall prepare your parcel for immediate delivery and this shall get to your destination. Your swift response will be appreciated. Acknowledge the receipt of this mail. Sincerely, Ray Ferdinand (Logistics & Operations) Elite Fleet Courier Company LTD, Registered in London No 829527. Registered Office: HOGOOR DREF W1S L45N, UNITED KINGDOM LONDON Regulated by the Financial Services Authority ELITE FLEET COURIER DELIVERY SERVICE —