Euro Lottery – Phone Scam

This scam was sent to me in our local Neighbourhood Watch news email.  It’s a telephone scam.  NEVER send money to ANYONE who claims you have won money.

a) you can’t win a lottery that you haven’t entered

b) if you do win a lottery that you have entered, you will NEVER be asked to send money to receive your winnings.

A resident in the Ledbury area had a call from someone called Rob on 0208 8193941 saying that she had not claimed 14,000 Euros (£12,000) in the Euro Lottery.  She knew this was not possible as she had not entered the Lottery, however he told her that she could claim the money if she took a photo ID, mobile phone and £500 cash to Western Union, Eign Gate, Hereford HR4 0AB.  By filling in a ‘Sending Form’ and phoning the above number he would then guide her through.  When he told her that she should fill the country to send the £500 to as India, alarm bells rang.