My Estate Funds-Treat As Urgent

I think this scammer might need to go back to scam school.  Clearly this scammer has copied their ridiculous story from somewhere.  “Alisha Mustafa” claims to be in Benin.  But as you can see at the bottom of her email, it was sent from a hotel in China!

Ignore this scammer.


I am Alisha Mustafa, 24years old girl from Libya Republic. I know we have not had any previous relationship before so I hope you will consider reading further as I mean no harm, all for good. I came from the Family of Mustafa in Libya and my father is Late Army Colonel Ahmed Abdul Mustafa who worked with the late dictator of Libya (Al-Qaddafi) on crude oil export and management in Libya until his death. I lost my father and mother and my only brother during the recent Al-Qaddafi political war in Libya but before my dad died in the hospital he gave me documents and a name of a banker in Benin republic where he has transferred all his assets. I am here in Benin Republic now and have confirmed the deposit of US$58Million deposited by my late father in ECO BANK here in Benin Republic.

I need your help to relocate these funds to your country in your bank account. I have been very sick because of neck injury I sustained from the riot and I have continued my treatment here in Benin Hospital. You can be rest assured that your reward will be handsome and the management of these funds will be placed under your care.

If you will assist me, please send me your full names, telephone, address and passport. I will send you the documents pertaining to this transaction and my personal photos.

Awaiting your anticipated positive response

Alisha Mustafa.

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