Expecting to Hear from you…

“Mr. Wayne Osmond Bhutelezi” tells me he is “expecting to hear from” me.  Clearly he hasn’t read this blog.  If he had, the only thing he would be “expecting” would be his own post on this blog …………… and here it is.  His very own post, exposing him as a scammer.

“Mr Bhutelezi” doesn’t have any money to give you – what he wants is for you to give him money.  If you make the mistake of replying he will start asking you for money to pay fees.  Ignore him.

Greetings Dear Friend


My name is Mr. Wayne Osmond Bhutelezi., I hail from the Republic of South Africa, 41 years, married with three children. I am the Director of Global Security & Finance Services Limited South Africa. I got the information concerning you from the foreign department of our chamber of commerce and after due consideration, I decided to contact you believing that by the Grace of God you will not disappoint me over this deal.

I have been working with this company for over fifteen years. Within this period, I have watched with meticulous precision how African Heads of State and Government functionaries have been using Global Security & Finance Ltd to move sums of money USD, Pounds Sterling, French Francs (cash) to their foreign partners.
They bring in these consignments of cash and secretly declare the contents as jewelries, golds, diamonds, precious stones, family treasures; etc.Their foreign partners, friends and relatives are claiming most of these consignments.
A lot of them are lying here unclaimed for as much as five years Nobody will ever come for them because in most cases, the Certificate of Deposit is never available to anybody except the depositors or the companies since most of them are dead.

I have through the instrumentality of Global Security & Finance re-deposited all these unclaimed and overstayed consignment into the Vault Facility of a reputable Security Company in Europe. Since the inception of the year2008, our company’s management has changed the procedure of claims of consignment, as soon as you are able to produce the secret information’s contained in the secret file of any consignment, it will be released to you upon demand’s i have finalized every arrangement for you to claim consignment No. 1401, 1402 containing $30 Million. I will supply you with all the information and documents that will facilitate your easy claim of the consignment. Upon your positive reply of this letter, I will furnish you with further details and information regarding the modus operandi for the execution of the transaction.

This business is risk free as I have taken necessary preventive measures. The mode of sharing will be 40% for you and 60% for me, you can reach me by email and I will direct you on what to do. Upon your positive consideration, kindly mail your confidential telephone and fax numbers with which we can discuss the execution of the business.

Awaiting your kind response

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Wayne Osmond Bhutelezi.