We are looking for a Payment Representative

This scammer writes from Germany to tell me he is called Lee Huang and works for a company in Taiwan.  Does that sound likely?  Of course it doesn’t.  He (or she) includes the website of a legitimate business to try to make the scam sound believable.

This scammer doesn’t want you to work for him, he wants to steal money from you.  To see how these fake payment representative jobs work, take a look at the “scam victims” page of this site.  Put simply – the scammer appears to put money in your account.  You forward most of it to a third party – minus your “commission”.  The original payment is withdrawn and you are left out of pocket.

Ignore this scammer.

Dear Sir/Ma,

We are looking for a Payment Representative in Europe,UK,USA and Canada

Kiel Industrial Co., Ltd. has been an industry leader with its wide range of superior quality form-fill-Seal Packaging Machinery.

We have reached big sales volume of Packaging Machinery products in the EUROPE/USA/UK/CANADA,

The International Money Transfer Tax for Legal Entities (Companies) in Taiwan/China is 35%, whereas for the individual it is only 7%.

There is no sense for us to work this way, while tax for international money transfer made by a private individual is 7%. That’s why we need you!

We need An Agent to Receive Payment for our Packaging Machinery products Through Bank Wire Transfers/Cheques from Our Clients

1. Receive payment from Clients either Bank Wire Transfers/Cheques
2. Deduct 10% which will be your commission on each payment processed.
3. Forward Balance after deduction of 10% commission to our office As Instructed

If you are interested in this transaction forward your contact ASAP

Lee Huang
Kiel Industrial Co., Ltd.
No. 95, Guosheng St.,Yongkang City,
Tainan County 710, Taiwan
Republic Of China