Adline Coleman isn’t in a hospital bed and she doesn’t have $26m. She isn’t religious either. The only “faithful donation” she wants is yours. She wants you to give her your money as advance fees. She’s a scammer. Delete the email.

Dear Beloved ,
My name is Mrs Adline Coleman, I was married to late Mr Martin Coleman a contractor and business consultant, philantropist for the peroid of eighteen years before his death after a short illness.
Knowing that this message will be a sort of surprise to you because we

do not know each other but my spirit has directed me to you and

God bless you as you ready carefully.

I want to inform you that my situation of health at present is very

critical and that is why i implored you to read with much attention.

We were married for more than 18years and had one child and the only

son who lost his live in a plane crash few years ago while on tourist in


Before the death of my late husband, we were kind and people that

believed in charity and aid to the poor masses and contribute to the growth

of the work of God

From the recent report from my medical tests confirmed by my Doctor

today stated that ,I will not be alive for more year since the sickness

will spread to the other of part of the body in the next few months.

I am so much disturbed by my present condition and knowing my state

of health coupled with the hostility of my family , I have decided to

donate the sum of $26.000.000 USD for services of mankind, help to the

poor and mothless homes and orphanage.

Presently, I am writting to your from my hospital bed in a private

clinic , so I found it a thing of joy yo handover this

fund to an individual , group or organiztion that will make

proper use of the fund to affect the less privilleged people out there

suffering because I do not have a son or any child to inherite the fund.

I confirm to you that this fortune is a reward of our hard labour for years

As I await your rapid response , may the good Lord Bless you
Yours Sincerely.
Sister Adline Coleman