Fake John Caudwell Phones 4 U Restart Investment Opportunity

While I’m on the subject of people impersonating John Caudwell (see previous post), this is directly copied and pasted from his genuine Facebook account.

My online, alter ego, has replied expressing interest.  So I will let you know what the scammer says below.




Please do not invest thinking this is me!!!!!

I became aware of the following, offering profit from a reborn Phones 4 U in my name.

!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS NOT ME!!!!!!!!

“As you may know my name is john caudwell, I decided to add some people up because I want to share my plans to bring back phones4u and this time make it bigger and bigger. It will cost much but money is not the problem. I decided not to post this on my wall because I want just a few people to be part of this and enjoy in the benefits. In the past I have had partners in the Phones4u business that ended up betraying the company by stealing from it and that is one of the reasons Phones4u is not what it use to be. I have promised my self not to go in partnership with any investors or private companies. So I am here to give you an opportunity to be an investor in the Phone4u business. We only take investors who are interested in putting from £500 and above in the business. I encourage you to be a part of this because whatever amount you invest in will be multiplied by four and you will receive it in just 2 weeks after your money have been placed. All we need from you is a valid email address and the bank details you want you money to be paid into

Write me back whatever you think right here or my email at johncaudwell4u@gmail.com

It’s compulsory it’s optional. I have done lots of good for the world and I will continue to touch as many of you that I can.

If your are interested, write me back and I will send you our official site to sign up.

Thank you, God bless you
Happy Holidays “


I don’t know how many messages are going to my connections but it has now come to my attention 3 times in the last few hours so it appears to be a serious attempt to take money off a lot of people!

Other media platforms may be used but at the moment it only seems to be face book.”

This scammer was quick off the mark and replied quickly to my online alter ego:

Thank you very much Mrs xxxx, I am very glad that you want to be a part of this.

You have to write us back notifying how much you want to invest

We apologize if this message is coming late, we have been receiving email all week

Thank you for your time and write us back as soon as possible