Fake John Caudwell Facebook Account

I have Lyme Disease so belong to several support groups on Facebook.

The millionnaire John Caudwell has done a lot of work recently with raising awareness of Lyme Disease and associated co-infections.  You can read about his work on the website.

His charity also has a Facebook page, which you can see here. Note the address of this page

https://www.facebook.com/johndcaudwell/   Also note that it has more than 8000 followers at the time of typing this.

However, a scammer has set up a fake page using John Caudwell’s photo.  I won’t dignify it with a link, but I’ll just type the URL so you can see the difference


This profile has just 42 likes and only one post, from 2013.  Yet a Lyme sufferer has been contacted by this page recommending a particular doctor and offering to help get an appointment if she transfers a large sum of money to a bank account to start treatment.

The Caudwell charity has asked that if anyone is approached in this way, please to contact them.

NEVER transfer money to anyone you don’t know.  It’s easy for ill and ignored people to be taken in by an offer of help when they have been previously ignored.  Stay safe.  ALWAYS ask on a reputable group of forum if you are approached to find out if the person approaching you is legitimate.