Families at War

Malware Infection and Removal

If your family computer becomes infected with malware, please don’t start a family war!!!  It really isn’t anyone’s fault.  Somehow the last person to use the computer always get the blame.  

I am often called to rescue a family computer in distress (and that’s just the computer – imagine the state of some of the owners!)

Just a few days ago I was phoned at lunchtime on Sunday by a hysterical client.  I donned my Superwoman costume and flew to the rescue.  Husband was in the garden with an axe chopping logs.  Teenage son had retreated to his bedroom, playing music at full volume.  Mother was in melt down mode.  

The problem?  The computer had finally given up the unequal struggle against malware and refused to connect to the internet.

The answer?  If your computer becomes heavily infested with malware, often the best answer is to back-up your data and reinstall the operating system. Your local computer shop should be able to do this for you.

A better answer?  Don’t let your computer get to this stage.  Know your computer’s performance.  If it changes scan for malware.

Currently the most effective malware removal software is Malwarebytes 

There is a free version that will scan your computer and remove resident malware.  It isn’t proactive. It won’t keep itself updated and won’t scan unless you tell it to.

For a family computer a better solution is the paid for version.  It is proactive and MUCH cheaper than phoning me up and paying me to remove malware from your computer.