Final payment request

This is similar to the US scam where someone phones you and tells you that someone is on their way to your house to arrest you, but you can stop them coming if you immediately pay thousands of dollars to the scammer.  The scammer then demands payment via an anonymous third party system such as iTunes (yes, really!!) or Western Union.

The attachment to this email contains malware, so I can’t tell you how much it claims you owe.  HMRC will NEVER send you an email saying you owe them money – they will always write to you.  If in doubt, either log into your online tax account to see if you owe money (or are entitled to a refund), or telephone them.  If you phone, make sure you get their real telephone number from their website, DO NOT phone a number that came in an email.

Date of issue 17 October 2016
Reference K2026076296

Don’t ignore this letter – you need to pay us now if you want to stop us taking enforcement action against you.

We contacted you previously asking you to pay the above amount but you still haven’t done so. The attached statement of liability gives a breakdown of what you owe.

As you’re in the very small minority of people who haven’t paid. We’re treating your case as a priority. If you don’t pay now, we’ll take action to make you pay. The law allows us to enforce debts by seizing your goods and selling them by public auction A regional sheriff officer acting on a summary warrant will do this for us. We can charge fees for this so if you don’t act now it could cost you more money.

For more information and how to pay us please see attached statement.

We’ll continue to add interest to the original debt until you pay in full.

Debt Management

G McLean

Phone 03000 560 998