The real KC Chambers UK, who have NOTHING to do with this scammer are based in Birmingham, not London.

I hope no-one really thinks that Lloyds bank would randomly give them $76m.  In fact I find it hard to imagine that many small charities even have that kind of money, let alone want to give it to a random person from an email list.

DO NOT send this scammer a copy of your passport or your driver’s licence – he is trying to steal your identity and will also try to steal your money to pay his imaginary “fees”.

Ignore him.

kclawJust for fun, I did a whois search on the domain name used in the scammer’s email address –  It was registered on 14th October 2016 to someone who has given a whole load of false information.  Look – The person who registered claims London (which is in England) is in Argyllshire (which is in Scotland) and has a Manchester postcode.

Barrister Terry Williams ESQ
KC Chambers U.K
36 Balls Pond Rd,
London N1 4AU,
United Kingdom



As Legal director of Kc Chambers U.K and also the legal solicitor to Lloyd’s Bank , I want to cordially inform you that a ST.Vincent Charity Trust Fund Bond of 76,000,000 USD deposited with Lloyd’s Bank has been released to your name and to enable these bonds be liquidated to cash, You are required to provide your full details with a copy of your International Passport or Driver’s License and the filled affidavit form to this email address: to process the legal endorsements to release the cash to you.

Note 70% will be allocated for charity distribution to the needy while you take 30% for your charitable commitment and time.

Get back to me urgently, so the litigation process for the release can commence immediately.

Best Regards,

Barrister Terry Williams ESQ