From Chief Account Officer (GGMC)

For some reason this scammer thinks it might “come to you as a surprise” that they have contacted you randomly out of the blue offering to send you US$52m.  Strangely, I receive scam emails offering to send me large amounts of money on an almost daily basis.  I certainly don’t find it surprising.

Do you really think that someone who doesn’t even know you would randomly send you millions of dollars?  I hope you don’t.  This scammer wants your money – and will happily take from you as much as you are willing to send him.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day, I know this mail will come to you as a surprise but I need to contact you because of the urgency and confidentiality of this business transaction, I am Chief Account officer of the Ghana Gold Mining Corporation (GGMC).
I have a deal here in my office I need a foreign partner to execute with me, I and my colleague over invoiced a contract payment valued US$52million. We awarded contracts for the supply and maintenance of all the Gold field and mining equipment for the nation gold mines to some foreign contractors valued US$103billion, which we over invoiced US$52million addition to the total contract sum.
Now as a matter of fact, most of the contractors have been paid and the remaining contractors’ payments are under process to be paid to them. With that, I and my colleague have decided to include you among these remaining contractors to process the sum of the US$52Million in your company or in your name to claim it for our mutual benefit. So i am now contacting you to present you as the sub-contractor who has this amount of US$52million to be paid for the supply of heavy mining equipment used in recent overhauling of the refineries and mining sites.
I will advise you furnish me with your personal information including your personal cell phone number and the name of your company with address to enable me register it with our cooperate affairs commission in charge of allied and companies registration as an indigenous company.
It is mandatory that any foreign company must be registered in this country. Also with your acceptance to execute this business with me, I need to be sure of your confidentiality towards the conclusion of this deal, you will be given 30% of the total amount, while I and my colleague will take 70% once the money gets into your company account in your country. Also with my position here, I can officially arrange with you to be lifting 40 or 60 Kilograms of gold per month by getting a year or two years Gold allocation contract in your name and company name whether you are here or not. With this we can make more money from the Gold lifting here in Ghana. I will detail you more on this once I get your response.
Thank you and hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Send me your cell phone number or Email to call you for more details.
Best Regards
Mr. Kwesi Boah
Chief Account Officer (GGMC)
My private e-mail: