Your Order Has Been Cancelled

Never click on a link in an email from Amazon, Ebay, Paypal etc, even if it does appear to be legitimate.  Go directly to the website, log in and if there are any problems they will be flagged up in your account.

This email was so amateurishly put together that it is obviously not real.

I’ve removed the link, but if you hover your mouse over it in the original email and DON’T click, you would see that it doesn’t even take you to the Amazon website.  This is a scammer who is after your account details.

Amazon Payments Customer Service

Dear Amazon Customer:

This email was sent by the Amazon server. your order has been suspended , because we are unable to verify your payment details please Verify that you entered your payment information correctly on your order You have successfully used the payment method on a previous order Part of your order has already charged and shipped successfully You have funds available in your bank or credit account to cover the order cost Please Update Your Payment Details in order for us to Proceed with your shipment Today To verify your Payment details, click on the link below. and follow the state procedure. (link removed)

Please fill in the required information.
NOTE: If we didn’t Receive Your Payment Update Within 48 Hours Then we will Cancel Your Order Completely.

Thank you
Amazon Payments Management

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