Sunday, March 1, 2009 4:50 PM
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Date: 01/03/2009
Attention: Sir/Madam,

After several attempts to reach you I deemed it necessary and urgent to notify you finally about your outstanding settlement of your over due transfer of your money. I resumed duty recently as Fund Management & Reform Committee Chairman on public debts (West African Monitoring Institution), a committee set up by the WORLD BANK.

I am committed to upholding and defending the constitution and laws of West Africa as well as achieving a higher level of public safety and security through the prosecution of criminals in the state.

The purpose of the committee among others is to investigate, verify and settle all outstanding debts owed and records before me have revealed that your payment has not been effected as a result of official negligence as many irregularities had happened in the Bank where some top officials of the Apex Bank collaborate with impostors who are carrying fake portfolios misled and misguided YOU about the position of your fund and having the opportunity to extort money from you.

As we understand the difficulties of economic times that exist today and would like to repay this obligation for your plan designed to meet your budgetary need. so be informed that your payment had since being deposited with the corresponding BANK which in few days, all payment transactions will be concluded according to the agreement and you will receive your payment through wire transfer to your nominated bank account.

The security of your data and transactions is crucial to us, we therefore apply one of the best security standards available (128 bit SSL), this (SSL) applies to the business relationship and supplements any agreements made by individual contract.

Based on the information we received, it is mandatory and compulsory that you forward your contact information to me for further advice and also for the programming of the information in the micro chip compartment of this committee. As the authorities stated, your payment has been described as selective payment and you will be required to comply with the Bank to effect the transfer of the fund exactly on the particular date or period (24 hours) specified in the transfer script text for the fund to be made available to you.

You are also advised NOT to accept any E-mail or telephone calls that does not come from this office as this is to forestall new efforts towards a diversion of your payment.

Accept our congratulations in advance.

Best regards,
Dr. Rick Gilchrist.
Chairman, Fund Management & Reform Committee.
Accra, Ghana.

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