A reader forwarded me this scam – and I couldn’t resist adding here.  Why?  Because of the wonderful name that the scammer has chosen for his scam loan merchant – “Rev Smith Shady”.

I won’t say much more.  I’m sure you can see immediately this is a scam.  No company website, no company name, no address, no accreditations, no ……… well, no anything really.

If you make the mistake of replying to the “Rev Shady” you will find how apt his name is as he will start asking you for money.  Ignore him.


We are a private group of financial investors that offer Loans of various types to help individuals and organisation reach financial objectives. We customise structured financial solutions for a select group of clientele and investors.We have an excellent reputation for the provision of first class financial loan products with exceptional customer service.

Our commitment to client services and innovative approach to problem solving has put us an edge above our competitors. We offer Loans to at 3% interest rate per annum and the Minimum amount you can borrow is 3,000.00 to 5,000,000.00 in any curency.

Note: All replies should be forwarded to the Company’s E-mail: laposervice01@gmail.com for more proceedure’s and information’s stated below.

Full name:
Loan amount needed:
Duration to pay back the loan:

Rev. Smith Shady.
Contact E-mail: laposervice01@gmail.com for more information’s on this loan program.