Fw: Online Update From HM Revenue & Customs

Another scam masquerading as officialdom.  If you live in the UK and receive this, you’ll know who HMRC are.  If you don’t, it won’t mean anything!  By the time this was sent to me, the scam site it linked to had been removed, so I don’t know what information they asked for.  Can’t imagine the scammer was offering to log in and pay your income tax online for you though!

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 Dear Member,Due to the high number of customers, it has been decided to implement EV
SSL Certification on this website.

The use of EV SSL certification works with high security Web browsers to clearly
identify the use of online applications and assesment.

It has been introduced to protect our clients and to allow us deal with request faster and more efficiently.
Since most Internet related crimes rely on false identity, HM Revenue & Customs went through a rigorous validation process that meets the Extended Validation guidelines.

Please update your account to the new EV SSL certification by Clicking here.

You are strictly advised to login into your online account using the above link.
Your HM Revenue & Customs account will automatically be added to our recent online security system.

(Failure to verify your account details correctly will lead to account suspension)

Thank you.
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