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Submitted by a reader:

Dear “potential victim”,

Online company with world reputation is expanding and looking for new representatives!

We need independent agents, who can represent our company in regions.
Agent should receive and process payments from our clients.

It’s not a full-time position. You will be busy only 8-11 hours per week.
Full-time job can be proposed as soon as official representatives’ network starts functioning.

We appreciate serious employees and pay properly. Total salary depends on your activity. Minimum salary is 2300 USD a month, but if you complete all tasks in time, your salary will rise up to 4500 USD.
NOTE: base salary for full-time employees is several times more.

If you are interested in our proposal and would like to learn more, please fill in the form below and email to: Etrust.mia.job@gmail.com

Name and surname:_____________________
Country: _________________
Preferred call time:______________
Phone: _______________________

Our managers will contact you within 48 hours by e-mail or by phone.

We found your resume at www.careerbuilder.com. This letter confirms that your resume has been duly processed and your skills completely meet our requirements for the Financial Manager vacancy.

Yours faithfully,
Mia Robertson, the Chief Manager
1129 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401